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With regulatory reporting set to remain a major challenge in 2021, Neil Vernon, Chief Technology Officer, and Philip Flood, Business Development Director, Regulatory and STP Services, Gresham Technologies, recently appeared on the FTF Exchange podcast to discuss the latest regulatory reporting challenges, including MAS reporting requirements, Consolidated Audit Trail (CAT) phases, and taking a strategic approach to regulatory reporting solutions.

They also reviewed the challenges that reporting teams have faced to date, including how the continued focus on remote working is driving changes in regulatory reporting systems, the impact of sudden volatility and the associated rise in trading volumes on operations and what the industry has learned from this, and how the CME and Deutsche Borse market exit has impacted the regulatory reporting landscape.

Listen to parts one and two below to understand which areas of regulatory reporting you should be prioritising right now. Topics covered include:

  • Operational difficulties in remote regulatory reporting: How did firms overcome them and what have they learned?
  • Data quality, control and transparency issues: Can regulatory reporting systems adapt to cope?
  • Strengthening control and validation to optimise reporting and drive down error rates
  • How data fragmentation across different systems and siloes is making regulatory reporting harder - and what you can do about it
  • Consolidated audit trail phases: What is coming next?
  • MAS regulatory reporting requirements for October 2021: How can you prepare now?

Part one: 

Part two:

Our regulatory reporting webinar provides further information on many of these topics. Watch the webinar and discover how to:

Organise your regulatory reporting teams and resources for maximum efficiency.
Streamline reporting across multiple jurisdictions for greater effectiveness.
Adapt your regulatory reporting practices and priorities for a turbulent business environment in 2021
Share clean and repaired data efficiently across the enterprise
Repair data quality issues for more accurate, timely, reliable reporting

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