Gain data integrity and control in a complex industry

Dominated by poor data and matching results, inefficient processes, and lagging innovation, the paper-intensive insurance industry is ripe for digital transformation.

Insurance companies and their brokers must be able to work efficiently in environments with multiple market participants, contracts and products. Data complexity and poor matching results are key challenges, with information derived from different sources and feeds in a variety of formats. It is essential to maintain control over data, connect easily to venues across the insurance ecosystem, and streamline workflows.

We help life/general insurers and insurance brokers who are on the vanguard of this much needed shift to digitalisation. Our data and format agnostic controls combined with powerful, comprehensive matching capabilities empower insurers and brokers to improve match rates, drive down manual efforts and costs, and scale to growth and high volumes during peak periods.

Simplify your data, connectivity and controls

It is not unusual for insurers and brokers to have different rules for each policy or insurer, requiring the ability to handle non-standardised data and onboard new controls quickly. We’re experts in collecting and transforming data from multiple feeds and systems in any shape, size or format.

We make onboarding new controls simple and adaptable to any changes in commercial agreements or commission rates. We also take care of your connectivity requirements, including managing frequent changes and updates.

We help you focus on what you do best because our solutions deliver a substantial boost to data integrity and process efficiencies, making tiresome manual efforts a thing of the past and driving down costs. Swiftly and accurately matching non-standard data from numerous sources becomes a seamless process. With effortless connectivity you can dedicate more time to achieving your business goals.

“In our business, data completeness and accuracy isn’t something you can second guess, with multiple market participants, contracts, products and different rules for each policy or insurer. We needed a solution and partner that could handle non-standardised data and onboard new controls quickly – Gresham stepped in and filled this void – their Control solution and the team are awesome!”
Head of IT, Global Insurance Broker

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Regulatory reporting and compliance

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UK insurance broker reconciles non-standard data across multiple transaction chains

case study

Migrating 476 million transactions for a major financial services firm

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