Putting you in control of your data, operations and growth

Decrease time-to-market and scale to growth while reducing risk

Legacy technology and outdated ways of working threaten financial firms’ survival in the post-digital world as they struggle to cope with growing data and transaction volumes and the need for speed. With more data, connectivity and complexity added to the mix, the probability of inaccurate, incomplete and unavailable data increases – leading to frequent errors and breaks, manual workarounds, and process delays.

By improving integrity, agility and confidence across connectivity, data and workflows, you can simplify complexity, reduce time-to-market, increase efficiency, minimise risk, and respond confidently to customers and industry change.

That’s why we designed Connect and Control: to enable you to digitise processes at the heart of your operations, unleash the power of your data and your people, and gain end-to-end, front-to-back control across your entire enterprise.

At the foundation are intelligent connectivity, data migration and integration to build your networks with ease and speed, and automated, accurate and actionable data to help drive your decisions and put you in charge of your business. We provide the technology and services you need to act quickly and confidently to capitalise on new market opportunities, delight your customers, and accelerate growth.

Improve connectivity, business controls and outcomes


Poor match rates and inefficient exception handling, with no continuous quality improvement, is bad for business. Human errors, inadequate reporting, and lack of oversight, audit trails and control lead to more operational and reputational risk, increased costs, and compromised customer experiences.

Digital connectivity, integrity and control deliver better results faster for your business and customers.

Our solutions keep you connected with your ecosystem. They give you complete visibility of your high quality data when and where you need it, and ensure full control at the most granular level while continuously improving performance for an ever smarter organisation.

With decades of experience in the global financial markets, we combine advanced technology, deep and broad industry knowledge, and state-of-the-art innovation labs and data centres in the UK, Europe and North America, to empower our customers to grow.

Going beyond automation and doing digital right is only possible with data confidence.


Automate all the process and data validation, reconciliation and reporting services you need to build operations and data confidence with speed and ease.


Seamlessly manage all your connectivity, data migration and integration with trading partners, venues, clients and regulators across the financial services ecosystem.

Data Services

Access normalised, validated data on securities, cash positions, transactions, and trade fail investigations from 1500+ global sources to feed reconciliation and other post-trade workflows.

Managed Services

Reduce the strain on your people, processes and technology infrastructures while achieving greater flexibility, efficiency and scale.


Customers in 20 countries across the globe


Transactions processed worldwide last year


Unique, aggregated data feeds

“We needed to supplement the work we are doing to enhance our suite of advanced client solutions and meet an aggressive roll out schedule, so partnering with a vendor we could trust was crucial. Gresham has been collaborative throughout all stages of development and we envisage this to be the start of a long and successful partnership.”
Global Head of Product & Channel Management, Payments & Cash Management, ANZ Bank

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