Using Voice Technology to Control Enterprise Data

25 July 2018

Workplace systems are typically an interconnected mesh of services owned by different actors. Being able to control all of these with one command is where the productivity gains will occur. For...

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Visibility into trade data is vital as style drift swirls around AMs

19 July 2018

Compressed margins and fear of disruption by tech giants is driving asset managers to search for new ways to raise revenue, reduce costs, and develop new funds and products. But these trends also...

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Gresham acquires B2 Group

11 July 2018

Gresham is pleased to announce that it completed the acquisition B2 Group on 4th July 2018, adding cash management and payments integration solutions to Gresham’s portfolio of Clareti...

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The data foundation (jet fuel) for today's digital transformation

21 June 2018

Over the last four to five years, financial services firms have made little secret of their drive towards digitalization. Arguably more than other emerging and better hyped technologies that...

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Key insights from a desert hot SIFMA Ops 2018

15 May 2018

We just returned from a fantastic few days at SIFMA Ops in Phoenix and thought you might be interested in some takeaways from a panel session with Global Heads of Operations from Raymond James,...

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