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Robotic Process Automation - the quick fix for process efficiency

14 February 2018

As enterprises come under increasing pressure to digitize operations, Robotic Process Automation...

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The State of Blockchain in 2018

20 December 2017

If 2017 was all about proof of concept for blockchain, in 2018, it looks set to go to production.

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Data integrity can no longer be neglected in anti-money laundering (AML) programs

15 May 2017

Guest blogger: Keith Furst, Founder of Data Derivatives 

The New York State Department of Financial...

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IFRS 9 – time for data integrity to drive cultural change?

10 April 2017

January 2018 looks set to be a watershed moment for financial firms, as two of the most critical...

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Not one blockchain to rule them all

17 January 2017

The wave of hype around the topic of blockchain, and the Distributed Ledger Technologies (DLT)...

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