Services delivery post Covid-19: Why trusted partnerships help guarantee success

10 August 2020

If trusted partnerships are the key to successful project delivery during challenging times, then how do you establish these with your vendors in order to face any situation which may occur over...

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The Reconciliations Superstar: How Current Conditions Shine a Light on Outdated Technology

20 July 2020

Automation was once embraced wholeheartedly by reconciliation departments as companies leaped at the opportunity to integrate the latest efficiency driving technology – everyone was a...

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NAVigating Reporting in Turbulent Times

7 July 2020

NAV reporting has long been an important part of any daily, weekly or monthly function. However the volatility of markets during the past few months has seen firms struggling to keep up with the...

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Part 2: Debunking myths around silver bullet technologies

16 June 2020

Neil Vernon, Gresham's CTO in conversation with Gert Raeves of Adox Research, helps us debunk some of the myths around AI, blockchain and other technology silver bullets. Matching the seemingly...

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The changing role of Treasury: COVID-19, a catalyst for transformation

3 June 2020

Invisible liquidity represents lost opportunity. Trapped cash or unutilised liquidity weakens working capital and supply chain. And while it may have been acceptable pre-lockdown, ignoring these...

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