Digitalisation Pursuits Start with Sound Data Governance Strategy, New Benchmark Research Says

18 September 2018

Digitalisation initiatives truly run across financial services in a way few other technology trends do. Spanning both investment banks and asset managers, they often serve as a kind of umbrella...

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Meet the new Cash Management Solutions team

13 September 2018

During the summer, you may have heard that Gresham expanded its team with the acquisition of cash management and payments specialist, the B2 Group, to form the newly named Gresham Cash Management...

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Hedging DLTs’ Crystal Ball Syndrome

11 September 2018

Sometimes, signs of a broader conceptual technology challenge show up unexpectedly in a very neat, concise package. That was the case this past month when a pair of news items—seemingly...

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Deploying Predictive Analytics? Check Your Data Integrity First

30 August 2018

The explosion of predictive analytics in financial services is undeniable. Layering on advancements in big data, billions of dollars are now dedicated to analytics spend annually. Dozens of...

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Using Voice Technology to Control Enterprise Data

25 July 2018

Workplace systems are typically an interconnected mesh of services owned by different actors. Being able to control all of these with one command is where the productivity gains will occur. For...

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