Demystifying the CAT: Why Compliance is More Than a Tick Box Exercise

21 October 2020

Ahead of our CAT Interfirm Linkage Reporting Webinar, taking place October 22nd, Philip Flood, Chief Commercial Officer, Inforalgo (A Gresham Technologies Company) presents some of the facts and...

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Coopetition in Cash Management: How it's Helping Banks to Thrive

20 October 2020

Cash management and payments have gone on a journey over the past few years from a stalwart of the banking business to a complex ecosystem with numerous new entrants, innovative value...

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CAT Interfirm Linkage Reporting Preparation: Q+A with Harshad Pitkar, Founder and CEO of RegEdge

19 October 2020

With the CAT interfirm linkage deadline looming on October 26th, industry thoughts are turning to the practicalities involved. How will firms manage the volume of reporting and the associated...

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What do Corporate Treasurers Need to Survive the Next Few Months?

12 October 2020

Covid-19 is this decade’s ‘black swan’ – a one in a million, highly unpredictable event with far reaching and severe consequences. The uncertainty the pandemic has brought with it has shaken the...

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Tackling Vendor Risk in Today's Operational Environment

5 October 2020

Previously we have talked about some of the biggest operational risk challenges facing financial institutions in the new environment. However, whilst topics such as technology and manual processes...

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