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Accelerate digital transformation without compromising on control

Digital transformation requires full integration - no short cuts

With challenger banks aggressively forging ahead with innovation-first strategies that leverage data, cloud, integration and outsourcing, one thing is clear: increasing customer expectations are driving faster development and the launch of more sophisticated digital offerings. But legacy systems and data make it difficult for many incumbents to move quickly. And innovative products require control frameworks which are agile enough to keep up.

Banking and payments firms are turning to cloud-native services for help, but this is more complex than it first appears. Without the right integration of services and systems, connectivity breaks down and failures occur. Control is compromised – you can’t be certain that processes are working, that errors are detected, or that data is accurate and complete.

Many firms are also finding that their current controls cannot meet the demands of the digital banking and payments environment. Connecting legacy technology with cloud tech, siloed batch data with real-time payments and transactions, their control solutions just cannot keep up.

At Gresham, we help both new and established commercial and retail banks, payments and card services providers to innovate faster, meet evolving customer expectations, and digitally transform their organisations – while remaining fully in control of their businesses.

Thrive in an increasingly innovative and demanding world

The unique combination of our Connect and Control solutions enables you to hand over your connectivity requirements to our expert team. We make sure you can connect to any third parties required, quickly and easily, while also handling any updates or changes. Then we provide full assurance that your operations and processes are performing as expected through fully automated reconciliations and controls. Our data-agnostic solutions take your legacy data in different formats and systems, and create controls which are flexible and scalable enough to support your banking and payments business.

Our expertise in solving key banking and payments challenges enables you to:

  • Create controls that match the real-time, fast paced nature of a modern banking experience.
  • Overcome the inefficiencies and challenges of legacy technology.
  • Manage a limitless variety of control types in one place.
  • Ingest data of any shape, size or format from different systems and sources.
  • Maintain strong connectivity and integration between systems.
  • Eliminate errors while retaining confidence in your processes and data.
  • Ensure same-day payments have same-day controls in place to match.
  • Automate reconciliations, and manage flows and connectivity across your business.
  • Process Swift MT and MX messages under ISO 20022 financial standards.
“This current phase of control automation is just the beginning for us, consisting of our most time-consuming legacy controls which we have been unable to automate through other means. In the near future we are looking to utilise the power of Gresham’s Control on much higher volume controls, processing millions of records per day to ensure that not even one customer journey has been negatively impacted by an incomplete or inaccurate transaction.”
Richard Draper, Head of Control – Payments, Corporate and Business Banking, Santander UK

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