Managed Reconciliation Services

Streamline your operations for speed, scalability, and resilience

Financial institutions often struggle with complex systems and processes to meet regulatory demands, handle increasing data volumes, and navigate business intricacies.

Outdated legacy technology and manual processes add to their concerns, leading to worries about operational vulnerability and talent shortages. Finding a cost-effective and agile solution is now crucial.

Minimize risk, costs, and staffing requirements

Our flexible and scalable managed services optimise reconciliations, data aggregation, settlements, client fee billing, messaging, and payments, reducing risk and total ownership costs.

With our vast experience in investment operations, we act as an extension of your teams, creating agile processes for better outcomes, business growth, and immediate cost savings. We offer various deployment options ensuring peak performance 24/7 across your organisation.

Our consistent and centralised environment, managed by skilled experts, simplifies complexities, lowers expenses, and mitigates risks associated with managing multiple technologies and processes across departments and regions. You retain full control while redeploying teams for greater efficiency.

“Gresham's Managed Services positions us well for our future growth by providing the flexibility to handle only the part of the process we want outsourced and on a gradual basis, rather than take a bigger leap to full outsourcing through a big-bang approach which could potentially increase our operational risk.”
Andrew Weichert, Operations Manager, WCM Investment Management


In assets moved daily by our solutions


Reduction in reconciliation time by Managed Services user


Unique data feeds aggregated

Managed Services gives you

Rapid scalability

Scale up or down easily and cost effectively without adding more staff, software or infrastructure.

Lower TCO

Start saving from day one with reduced infrastructure and staffing costs.

Increased productivity

Boost process efficiency and team productivity by starting each day 10 steps ahead in your process, while alleviating staff skill and retention challenges.

Operational excellence

Rely on our highly skilled operations and technology experts overseeing every aspect of your data, systems and infrastructure 24/7/365.

Full control

Maintain total control of your platforms, data, processes, and compliance and audit requirements.


Use our services whenever you want or need to, whether on a daily, monthly, quarterly, or other frequency basis.

Continuous process improvement

Improve straight-through-processing and respond rapidly and completely to incoming regulatory and audit requirements, as well as customer and third-party requests.

Team efficiency

Take the heavy lifting off your team, repurpose staff towards higher value tasks, retain top talent, and control overhead costs.

Reporting efficiency and transparency

Eliminate errors and manual reporting with complete data integrity and centralised, automated regulatory changes and reporting processes.

Rapid integration with operations ecosystem

Get production-ready in just days with fast, flexible implementation and integration.

Technology leadership and a pain-free partnership

Where to next?

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