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Minimise your firm’s post-trade burden and better focus on your business

Safeguard your investment operations with proven, automated and managed reconciliation

If your processes and technical infrastructure are weighed down by managing technology and data, your options for growth are seriously limited. Integrating complex systems, collecting data, and manually matching trades introduces numerous types of risk into the process, and are not where investment managers should be spending their precious time and resources. Automated out-of-the-box controls, accessible data, and an expert service team are the best way to take the pressure off your staff while achieving scale, reducing risk, and focusing on what your business does best.

We help firms across the entire investment management universe – from buy-side hedge funds, pension funds, sovereign funds and fund administrators, to wealth managers, private banks and family offices – go beyond automation to alleviate the burden of managing technology and data inhouse. By providing the tools and expertise you need to digitise, right-size and optimise your operations, your firm is better equipped to attain long-term efficiency and growth.

Built for scale, our fast, flexible, data agnostic reconciliation and exception management solutions and managed services provide confident and efficient processing, integrated data, and granular control across the entire enterprise to prevent service failure, financial loss, or reputational damage and risk.

Improve end-to-end data integrity and operational efficiency



Increase efficiencies across trade matching, data aggregation, reconciliation, exception management, trade settlement, and client fee billing. Our post-trade workflow solutions, available as a managed service, software-as-a-service or on-premise, streamline middle and back-office processes across your investment operations ecosystem. Fully configurable for complex controls and environments, we provide out-of-the-box capabilities for fast, easy implementation.

With more than 30 years of experience in investment management operations, we empower buy-side and sell-side firms to:

  • Reduce the burden of managing technology, processes and time-intensive tasks
  • Automate manual tasks while eliminating spreadsheets
  • Reduce operational, audit and reputational risk
  • Quickly and easily manage complex controls and environments
  • Access and validate a complete universe of post-trade data via thousands of feeds
  • Reduce reliance on IT by onboarding your own controls quickly and easily
  • Free your high value talent from resource intensive, non-strategic tasks
  • Enhance counterparty and investor experiences
“We were able to leverage Control to create an efficient account reconciliation method which produces timely reporting throughout the cycle. Additionally, the digitisation of the reconciliation process has significantly shortened our reconciliation timeline, tightened controls, and increased the productivity of reconcilers by allowing more time for exception resolution.”
Tammy L. Johnson, Head of Investment Operations & Partner, Globeflex Capital L.P.

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Outsourced reconciliation

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Operational efficiency

Streamlined client fee billing

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WCM Investment Management gains operational and cost efficiencies

Case Study

Chandler Asset Management scales client fee billing to exponential asset growth

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