Data Solution

Get improved data resources sent faster to add value to your entire organisation

Is your data failing the integrity test?


High quality data is the lifeblood of reconciliation, regulatory reporting, revenue management, and numerous operations functions in today’s sophisticated, global business environments.

Our data integrity platform and data aggregation services work with the complex and varied data formats, structures and relationships your reconciliation, operations and compliance teams face every day – all from a single resource supporting multiple activities across the enterprise.


Acquire accurate, reliable data from over 1500 global sources

We help eliminate the pain of manual processes and delays, format changes, website updates, password expiration and other issues associated with acquiring and aggregating data.

Get accurate, reliable data on securities, cash positions, transactions and investigations from 1500+ global sources.

We move about $20 trillion in assets daily, representing more than 110,000 accounts with an average account size of over $150 million.


Global data sources


Unique data feeds aggregated


Customers in 30 countries across the globe

Ready-to-go applications that are transforming the industry

What we deliver

A fully outsourced service

Alleviate your staff from the burden of managing data feeds, cleaning data, and other challenges faced when acquiring the data your firm needs to drive key functions.

Tailored, validated data

Receive validated data from external global sources at any frequency, regardless of format and protocol, to drive automated reconciliation, reporting and other post-trade processes.

Reduced risk and cost

Get full data support for your reconciliation, NAV, fund accounting, performance, compliance, client fee billing, and other processes and workflows to save your firm time, cost and risk.

Expansive dataset

Gain access to more than 4500 feeds (plus any others you require) to drive multiple workflows, from reconciliation and compliance, to corporate actions and securities finance.

Post-trade efficiency

Benefit from improved access and easier integration with all your applications while streamlining reconciliation, client fee billing, and other workflows.

Customer stories


WCM Investment Management gains operational and cost efficiencies

case study

Global investment manager grows with Control and Data Services

Where to next?

Control for investment management

A reconciliation solution designed specifically for the buy side

Data Services

Collect, validate and enrich a wide variety of data from third-party providers

Control for fee billing

Bring accuracy, speed and reduced risk to your client fee billing operations

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