Energy and commodities

Automate and streamline reconciliation and regulatory controls

The energy and commodities industry has seen some of the most innovative changes of any other with new business models and trading strategies placing significant stress on operations. Yet many firms continue to rely on legacy systems, multiple spreadsheets or manual processes, putting them at risk of catastrophic and costly errors across middle-office operations.

Some of the world’s largest energy and commodity firms use Gresham to control loss events by reducing costly errors and ensuring they meet their multiple regulatory reporting obligations under REMIT, MiFID and EMIR. We help energy traders and commodity trading houses automate reconciliation and build N-way controls with a scalable, robust platform built to handle volatility and high volumes, and accelerate time-to-market – while liberating them from the risks associated with the use of spreadsheets.

Gain agility, efficiency, scalability and Flexibility

We provide a flexible, single source for end-to-end automation, validation and reconciliation of data, controls and reporting. It enables your middle-office team to be self sufficient in building controls to match your business model, and with minimal support from IT. Automate prime broker, clearing broker, and intersystem reconciliations across your middle office teams.

Gresham empowers energy and commodities firms to achieve risk reduction by eliminating spreadsheets, manual processes, and workarounds. Scale efficiently for high volatility and volumes. Accelerate time-to-market with configurable controls. Get fast reconciliations and comply with multiple regulatory mandates using versatile controls. Stay ahead in the game with our comprehensive and agile solutions tailored to your business needs.

“The successful implementation of Control has enabled us to reduce headcount, increase efficiency, and remove the operational and key person risks that had previously been created by our manual processes.”
Group IT, Global Oil & Gas Company

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case study

Automating ETD reconciliation for one of the world's largest energy traders

case study

Agile, self sufficient controls for a leading commodity trading and logistics house

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