Connect Solution

Dynamically optimise all your enterprise messaging and data connectivity with our connect product

Transform data connectivity into a dynamic process

As your business evolves, you need to connect to a changing array of trading partners, venues, clients and regulators. You need to ensure that your industry standard connections remain valid – and validated. In daily operations or new integration projects, you need to manage, map and maintain widely diverse and constantly changing data formats: some of them standard, many of them not.

It’s a never ending task that can cost your business millions every year in internal resources, point solutions that get stale, or hard to maintain proprietary technology.

That’s why we developed Connect.

Rapidly and intelligently connect with hundreds of entities in real-time

Managing connectivity across the complex financial services ecosystem can quickly become an expensive, full-time job that requires managing constant changes in standards and message formats.

Connect provides a single, go-to source for all of the connectivity, data migration and integration services your business requires. Our ready-to-go, out-of-the-box connectivity relieves the pressure on your IT team and allows financial services companies and corporates alike to connect to institutions across the ecosystem quickly and easily.

Take the pain out of evolving data connectivity requirements across your entire business, while offering flexible options including standalone, domain-specific deployments, as part of a complete platform for connecting, reconciling and controlling your data end-to-end, or as a fully managed service.

"The truly data agnostic capabilities, proven agility, and flexibility of Connect and Control will enable us to grow at speed, meet regulatory requirements with confidence, and ultimately continue to address the rising demand for innovative cross-border payments solutions across Europe and beyond."
Marcel Leeflang, Head of Operations Payments, Brink's Solutions Nederland


Countries using Connect and Control at one multinational corporation


Adapters and transformations, for out-of-the-box connectivity


Customers in 30 countries across the globe

Connect product modules

Connect solutions give you

Seamless connectivity

Transform digitally with our pre-built standards, transformations, adapters and libraries – continuously maintained and updated for you.

Full service and always-on

Take the pressure off your IT team with our 350+ ready-to-go connections to 80+ banks, plus all the formats, validations, enrichments and bank specific items you require.

Out-of-the-box banking interfaces

Get fast, simple connectivity and message transformation with out-of-the-box interfaces for payments and cash statements, security orders and statements, FX confirmations and trade finance.


Get your data to the right place – whether internal or external – and at the right time following validation checks, and without manual intervention.

Flexible deployment

Choose the option that works for you – a managed service or on-premise solution. Our experts will help you determine the best option for your business.

Technology leadership and a pain-free partnership

Where to next?

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