Part 1: How to build a platform that can deal with any type of data

11.06.20 By Neil Vernon, Chief Technology Officer


Next up in our podcast series Neil Vernon, Gresham’s CTO in conversation with Gert Raeves, Adox Research talks us through  The three ages of data control: from the static and fixed recon engines of old to under-delivering offshored centres-of-excellence, and ending with current state-of-the-art flexible and end user-focused solutions like Clareti.


Part 1: The three stages of data control – how to build a platform that can deal with any type of data

Taking us back to the mid 90’s Neil looks at the (r)evolution of reconciliation - from print-outs, calculators with ribbons and highlighter pens to architecting and building an industry recognized enterprise reconciliation platform that delivers true data confidence.
Neil discusses the benefits of a no-fixed-schema approach to data modelling and why that matters to the ability to handle any asset type, increased end-user and deployment speed, transparency and scalability – and how firms can reconcile 100% of the their data 100% of the time.

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