Capital Markets

Bring greater order, control and value to the entire trade lifecycle

Data integrity is the backbone of operational resilience

As complexity increases and regulatory oversight intensifies, capital markets firms face escalating pressures to maintain flawless data and process hygiene across the entire trade spectrum. 

From pre-trade pricing and RFQs to post-trade reconciliation, reporting, clearing and settlement, inaccuracies or delays are unacceptable. Regulators and clients demand perfection.

Systemic vulnerabilities in legacy systems

Yet many institutions still grapple with systemic control vulnerabilities emanating from antiquated legacy architecture and an overreliance on employee-built applications. 

Attempting to govern difficult front-to-back workflows while scaling post-trade processing for intercompany and T+0 trading realities across diverse asset classes has become challenging. It’s a situation that has turned into an operational minefield, fraught with compliance risks and the ever-present spectre of losses.

The need for intelligent automation

The solution? Establishing a bedrock of uncompromising data and process trustworthiness through intelligent automation. Our comprehensive suite of services arms capital markets participants with the capabilities to maintain laser-focused oversight and assurance across their entire trade lifecycle. 

Via end-to-end automation and an industry-leading matching engine, we guarantee data accuracy and completeness - even amidst the most intricate multi-asset trading environments.

Instil unshakable trust in your data and systems

Gaining complete mastery over data is critical for resilience. But managing the increasingly tricky data ecosystem is enormously challenging, from migrations and validations to reconciliations, reporting, cash and collateral management and more.

This is where proven expertise can clear the path forward, providing enterprise-wide visibility to:

  • Instil unshakeable confidence in regulatory reporting and transactional data
  • Rapidly identify and remediate even the most complex reconciliation breaks
  • Streamline reconciliation processes through intelligent automation
  • Impose order on OTC derivatives environments
  • Reduce risky reliance on error-prone spreadsheets
  • Accelerate validation of new data controls and capabilities
  • Optimise cash and collateral governance
  • Reduce operating costs via straight-through processing

Don't just manage your data. Unleash its full potential as a catalyst for sustainable innovation and growth. Partner with specialists who can guide you towards complete data mastery.

“Control and Connect have enabled the bank to change outdated and cumbersome processes, ditch legacy solutions that were preventing us from achieving our business and customer growth goals, and ensuring we remain on the right side of the regulators. Across the bank, we have introduced a level of data automation and integrity that we didn’t think existed from any vendor out there.”
Head of Change, Tier One Global Bank

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Legacy replacement

Post-trade automation

G20 regulatory compliance

Regulatory reporting

Cash/collateral reporting

Consolidated Audit Trail (CAT)

Intersystems reconciliation

Message transformation

Customer stories

case study

Post-trade automation and reconciliation for a complex OTC derivatives business

case study

Major investment bank streamlines cash and collateral reporting

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