Modern data and expert driven reconciliation workflow solutions and services

Transform your reconciliation and post-trade operations

Whether buy-side or sell-side, we understand the complexities of your business. We also know your data across customer, financial, risk and compliance systems, covering multiple assets from cash and securities transactions to OTC derivatives and sophisticated trade orders, is your most important asset. Speed, accuracy and transparency are a must in today’s reconciliation and post-trade operations.

Yet, many legacy reconciliation environments struggle under the strain of verifying ever increasing volumes of complex, high velocity data in real-time. Even when errors are discovered, complex exceptions and manual processing heighten the risk of failures and major loss events.

Our Control solutions significantly mitigate those risks.

Trust your reconciliation data and workflows to the experts

You should be focused on revenue generating activities and delivering value to customers rather than managing technology. However, you know that accessible data, integrated workflows, and accurate matching are crucial to operational efficiency and risk mitigation.

Our goal is to safeguard your operations so you can better focus on your business. We provide trusted data, automated out-of-the-box workflows, and dedicated managed services to help you drive key business, regulatory, and risk related decisions and processes across your reconciliation function and entire enterprise.

With unmatched industry, operations and technology expertise spanning decades, we make it faster and easier for your firm to reduce operational risk, alleviate your staff from non-value adding tasks, and scale to growth and customer demands.


Time savings to onboard new transaction controls at a leading global clearer


Transactions processed per second by Control without a database, running in memory


Saved by a global bank using Control

Ready-to-go applications that are transforming the industry

Gresham Technologies reconciliation capabilities

Accelerated reconciliations

Improve efficiency and accuracy across reconciliation and exception management while driving greater transparency across your entire post-trade process.

Buy-side specialisation

Asset managers, hedge funds and fund administrators rely on us to reduce and manage risk, improve operational efficiencies, manage revenue, and enhance counterparty and investor experiences.

Sell-side simplicity and scale

Sophisticated tier one universal banks and broker-dealers rely on us to manage the risk emanating from both the inherent complexity of their business and the scale of their transaction processing.

Accuracy and control

Maintain best practices for data governance, quality, and reporting through a single reconciliation solution that supports your specific audit and security needs.

Faster onboarding

Onboard customers, data, and connectivity in days instead of weeks or months – and achieve faster time-to-market and revenue.

Advanced technology

Leverage data and streamline workflows with machine learning, intelligent matching and managed services, enabling your team to refocus their time on value-added work.

Operational efficiency

Eliminate workflow gaps, duplicated tasks, and manual spreadsheet workarounds while breaking down the damaging limitations of legacy systems and antiquated processes.

Delivery and service flexibility

Choose from platform hosting in the Cloud or on-premise, or outsource routine parts of your buy-side reconciliation operation to ensure peak efficiency and control 24/7.

Customer stories

Reconciliation Case study

Tier one bank saves £3 million with Control

Discover how this global corporate and investment bank took control of its data - and significantly reduced its yearly costs

Reconciliation CASE STUDY

476 million transactions migrated for a major financial services firm

With 92 controls, 32 systems, and just 13% of migration completed - see how we brought this transformation programme back on track

Where to next?


The single, go-to source for automating process and data validation, reconciliation and reporting

Control for intersystems

Powerful intersystem reconciliation for better control of your operations

Control for investment management

A reconciliation solution designed specifically for the buy side

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Solving buy-side investment managers' corporate actions data challenge

For decades, there has been significant interest in automating corporate actions processing across the buy-side community. Meanwhile, the global pandemic’s impact on corporate actions has been significant as firms faced fluctuating timelines and high processing volumes amid cancelled dividends, shifted schedules, postponed mergers and acquisitions, and frequent trading halts and restrictions.

The essential link between reconciliation and golden source data

Investment managers maintain multiple copies of the same data throughout their post-trade environment often relying on manual activities to distribute and reconcile internal data movement. As more investment managers embrace the use of a central data repository to store important investment accounting and client-related information, it is increasingly important for reconciliation to play a key role to ensure all related systems across the front, middle and back offices are fully synchronised using the same golden source data.