Regulatory compliance is business critical – and increasingly complex.


Every aspect of your business operates under an interconnected network of rules, directives and statutory obligations, all of which demand absolute control of your processes. Many of these regulations are the first of their kind, challenging to implement, and put unprecedented pressure on your regulatory reporting software and data.

At the same time, the level and frequency of regulatory reporting and oversight has also increased. The actions of your senior managers are firmly in the spotlight. Mergers, acquisitions and divestitures reshape your business and redefine its place in global markets. Firm-specific governance rules and contractual third-party requirements add extra layers of complexity.

A laser-like focus on control is required to ensure compliance and avoid reputational and financial damage.

But previous rushes to comply with new rules have led to fragmented, single-focus regulatory reporting systems and solutions. Data and business rules are often split across separate applications. Legacy technology and code are buried under layers of changes. The result is brittle, cobbled-together systems that are expensive to maintain, undermine control, and could give way at any moment. And the need to comply with multiple regulatory reporting regimes with no standardised design results increases complexity and costs further.

At Gresham, we know that you need absolute data integrity to guarantee accurate, timely regulatory reporting for all your obligations – now and in the future. So we designed our Clareti regulatory reporting platform to give you end-to-end control of reporting processes across all regulations, jurisdictions and systems.

Case study: Validated FINRA reporting

What We Deliver

Accelerated onboarding

Accelerating the onboarding of all standard and non-standard data formats so that new financial or operational controls can be added with ease.

Real time matching at scale

Matching massive volumes of trades and transactions in real time, enabling you to immediately spot and address any problems.

Processing checks

Processing control checks from streamed data and other source systems in real time, so you can demonstrate control and supervisory procedures and processes across the business, escalating as required for fast, effective resolutions.


Providing connectivity to multiple reporting and trading venues, ingesting data in any format with no additional work required, and seamlessly transforming it into the appropriate output.

Advanced analytics

Handling exceptions to deliver continual improvements to data, processes and submissions, equipping your regulatory reporting solution to handle new and emerging challenges.

Multijurisdictional reporting

Consolidating reporting for multiple regulatory reporting regimes, including MAS, EMIR, MiFID, and FINRA CAT and TRACE to increase efficiency and reduce total cost of ownerships.


reportable transactions processed per day by Clareti


connectors to regulatory and trading venues around the world, with more in development


years experience understanding and building automated workflow solutions across asset classes