Regulatory Reporting

Achieve absolute data integrity and confidence in your regulatory reporting and compliance

Simplify and streamline compliance in a complex, multi-regulatory world

Every aspect of your business operates under an interconnected network of rules, directives and statutory obligations, all of which demand absolute control of your processes. Firm specific governance rules and contractual third-party requirements add extra layers of complexity. With oversight increasing, the actions of your senior managers are firmly in the spotlight. And the pace of regulatory change shows no sign of slowing down.

Many of these regulations are the first of their kind and challenging to implement. The increasing level and frequency of reporting and growing regulatory scrutiny is placing unprecedented pressure and costs on firms. Fragmented legacy or single-purpose systems often see data and business rules split across separate applications, making it impossible to obtain the single, consistent view of your data needed to meet regulatory reporting requirements with confidence.

Regulatory reporting software offers point solutions that help you comply with individual regulations, but this isn’t enough. You need absolute data integrity to guarantee accurate, timely and complete regulatory reporting for all your obligations – now and in the future.

Our solutions give you end-to-end, efficient and centralised control of regulatory, trade and transaction reporting processes across all regulations, jurisdictions and systems.

Gain a central view of regulatory obligations, actions and insights


We enable financial institutions to establish and maintain a laser-like focus on compliance control while protecting their reputations and revenues.

With one strategic, future-proof solution in place designed to flex to new and evolving regulations – and enhanced by our reconciliation and data integrity capabilities, your operations transforms from a costly burden on your compliance and management teams to a hub of intelligence, control and transparency.



Reportable transactions processed per day, for one customer


Connectors to regulatory and trading venues around the world


Reporting accuracy rate for a global broker

Ready-to-go applications that are transforming the industry

What we deliver

Advanced analytics

Manage exceptions and experience continuous improvements in your data, processes and submissions while addressing new regulatory reporting challenges.

Multi-jurisdictional reporting

Increase efficiency and reduce total cost of ownership with consolidated reporting for multiple regulatory regimes including MAS, EMIR, MiFID, FINRA CAT and TRACE.

Accelerated onboarding

Easily add new financial and operational controls with streamlined onboarding of all standard and non-standard data formats.

Real-time matching at scale

Immediately spot and address issues by matching massive volumes of trades and transactions in real-time, and at scale.

Processing checks

Demonstrate control and supervisory procedures and processes across your business through data driven, real-time control checks, and escalate issues as needed for fast, effective resolutions.


Seamlessly connect to multiple reporting and trading venues without the heavy lifting of normalising and transforming data, or additional work to generate appropriate outputs.

End to end control and reporting

Enhance quality controls and reconciliation of reporting status with centralised data, business rules, integrations, and enterprisewide transparency.

Customer stories

Regulatory Case study

TRACE reporting brought back on track at a global broker-dealer

With over $500,000 in fines already accumulated, this firm needed timely, accurate reporting - fast

Regulatory Case study

Consolidated Audit Trail reporting with a 0.0004% error rate

Reducing the costs and burden associated with CAT reporting for a major broker-dealer

Where to next?

Control for intersystems

Powerful intersystem reconciliation for better control of your operations

Control for regulatory

Take control of your data for accurate regulatory reporting and compliance

Connect for regulatory

Complete managed regulatory reporting for data connectivity, migration and integration

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