Do more with less through efficient, effective, and simple regulatory reporting

Experts at Standard Chartered and BMO Financial Group as well as Gresham Technologies explain the most pressing regulatory reporting deadlines and challenges for 2021.

Key topics:

  • UK and EU regulatory divergence as a result of Brexit: How is this expected to impact MiFID, EMIR, and SFTR reporting?
  • Streamlining multi-jurisdictional reporting to increase efficiency
  • Optimising the organisation of regulatory reporting teams
  • Consolidated Audit Trail (CAT): Upcoming deadlines and requirements
  • Resolving data quality issues and sharing clean and repaired data across the enterprise
  • Leveraging regulatory reporting experiences to make your organisation more effective in resource constrained times


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Questions covered include

Navigating the European regulatory front

Best practice for managing UK/EU regulatory divergence, upcoming changes to EMIR and MiFID reporting

Consolidated Audit Trail

How are industry error rates looking now and what should you be focusing on for the next set of deadlines? How are firms going to manage the more complex scenarios to come in 2021?

Regulatory reporting agendas for 2021

How will firms maintain their reporting priorities if a pandemic-induced economic downturn leads to staff reductions? What lessons learned from remote regulatory reporting can help other high-priority, data-intensive agendas that the industry will face in 2021 and beyond?

Tackling operational and practical challenges

How are firms organizing internal teams to respond to specific reporting requirements? Is it feasible to repair an array of data quality issues as a result of resolving regulatory reporting problems? How can you do a better job of sharing clean and repaired data across the enterprise?