Control Solution

Reconciliation product to efficiently automate, validate and reconcile your transaction data, workflows and reporting

Gain control of your operations and data across the global financial markets

Speed, accuracy and transparency are necessities for today’s reconciliation and post-trade operations. Financial institutions need to simplify processes based on industry best practices, remove the pain of managing data, reduce their technology footprints, and achieve greater cost efficiencies. You also need to be able to future proof your business and operating model for the long term with global, industry-rich technology and customer focused expertise at scale.

Combining the award winning Clareti and Electra technology, our Control solutions help firms simplify that complexity, tackle the data control challenge, and scale to sustainable growth through end-to-end automation, intelligent matching, and accelerated onboarding combined with cloud deployment and managed services. Control offers one powerful resource to drive operational, compliance and risk related decisions and processes at scale, across your entire enterprise.

In the digital era, data connectivity is only the first step. Data integrity and confidence in your data are essential. When all your decisions and activity are data driven, you cannot afford for that data to be wrong or delayed. Having total control over your data and associated processes is vital.

That’s at the core of Control.


As your business evolves, you need to validate, compare and enrich a wide range of data and transaction formats, and ensure records between you and your business partners are in sync. Managing, mapping and maintaining diverse and constantly changing rules for comparing and reporting financial data is a never ending task. It can increase risk and cost your business millions every year in internal resources, point solutions that get stale, or hard to maintain proprietary technology.

From data migration projects to regulatory reporting, Control covers the complete lifecycle of data across your organisation – from data ingestion to reconciliation, matching, and root cause analysis.

Ensure fit-for-purpose data and robust, end-to-end data integrity processes

Control is the single, go-to source for automating all the process and data validation, reconciliation, revenue management, and regulatory reporting your business needs. We support a wide range of specialist domains including compliance, intersystems, nostro, and buy-side investment management.

Designed, built and operated by the industry’s most experienced data integrity experts, Control is available as standalone solutions across several critical domains, or as part of an applications package that enables you to connect, reconcile and control your data, end-to-end. In addition, our managed services option takes the pain out of evolving data integrity and workflow requirements across your entire business – while you maintain full control.

“Control is simply the only solution we found that is advanced enough to meet our requirements. The ability to cope with data in different formats from feeds across our organisation and to scale with the needs of the business, were what set Control apart for us ”


Customers in 30 countries across the globe


Typical reduction in exception handling experienced by firms using Control


Reduction in time to onboard new controls for a global clearer

Control product modules

Control solutions give you

Flexible, reliable deployment

Choose the option that works for you, from standalone solutions to a fully managed service.

Faster onboarding

Migrate data and onboard new customers, controls and connectivity in days, not weeks or months.

Advanced technology

Leverage machine learning and intelligent matching to streamline processes.


Operational efficiency

Eliminate manual workarounds and duplicate effort and data with efficient reconciliation solutions.

Buy-side specialisation

Benefit from our decades of experience helping asset managers, hedge funds, and fund administrators solve data, reconciliation, and fee billing challenges.

Sell-side expertise

Global banks and broker-dealers with complex business models rely on us for total confidence in, and control over, their data and operations.

Technology leadership and a pain-free partnership

Where to next?

Managed Services

Reduce the strain on your people, processes and technology infrastructures

Clareti Connect

Dynamically optimise all your enterprise messaging and data connectivity

Clareti Data

Increase business value and operational efficiency with timely, high quality data

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