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Our software and cloud services help financial firms connect, reconcile and control their data, systems and processes. We’re proven at nearly three hundred organisations worldwide, including many of the world's largest banks, investment managers and corporates. 
With a reputation for reliable, mission-critical solutions and excellent service and support, a Gresham solution is the gold standard that firms and regulators can trust. 
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Electra Settlements support
(Control for investment management)

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Electra Data Dashboard
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Gresham's solutions for the buy side

Control for investment management

Gresham’s Control for investment management (formerly Electra Reconciliation) is an intelligent, scalable solution that improves efficiency, accuracy and transparency across reconciliation, exception management and the entire post-trade process.

Data Services

Gresham’s Data Services (formerly Electra Data) is an automated, high-quality data acquisition and delivery service that validates, enriches and normalizes information from 1500+ global sources providing 4500+ unique data feeds. Increase business value and operational efficiency with timely, high-quality data.

Fee Billing

Gresham’s Control for client fee billing (formerly Electra Billing) is an integrated workflow-based client fee billing and revenue management solution that improves the speed and accuracy of invoices, cash flow and client service while reducing risk.

Managed Services

Gresham’s Managed Services (formerly Electra Managed Services) is a right-sourced solution that provides flexible, centralized deployment, operations and technical services and supports our Connect and Control solutions. Simplify and scale your reconciliation, data management, client fee billing, regulatory reporting, messaging, system management, and other key functions.

Trade & Settlement Notification

Gresham's Control for investment management (formerly Electra Settlements) is a post-trade automation solution for custodian trade and client notifications, confirmations, affirmations and settlement instructions.

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