Why is Cash Management So Hard?

05.08.20 By Neil Vernon, Chief Technology Officer

Continuing our successful podcast series, Neil Vernon, Chief Technology Officer and Bill Wrest, Senior Strategist, Cash Management Solutions join Gert Raeves of Adox Research to delve into why cash management presents such a challenge for corporates and banks alike

Cash man podcast part 1 li

Part 1: What exactly is cash management and why is it so difficult?


Cash management as a business function is often misunderstood and mis-represented. It covers a wide range of specific technology challenges in connectivity and data aggregation, but extends into financial analysis and liquidity, risk management, trading, and foreign exchange functions in the front and middle office. In part one of this podcast series, we discuss what makes cash management such a difficult problem, and how technologists and business experts need to work together to tackle the entire cash management lifecycle - both as a technology challenge and a banking issue. Click below to listen and look out for part two next week, where we discuss what it is that cash management customers actually want.