Part 4: Complexity versus Simplification

01.07.20 By Neil Vernon, Chief Technology Officer

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Gert Raeves, Research director at Adox Research, continues his conversation with Neil Vernon, CTO at Gresham, to look at complexity in the legacy reconciliations space.


Part 4: The 3 Stages of Data Control 

Navigating Complexity in Reconciliations


How can firms identify what can be simplified versus what is inherently complex? Tech firms are relentlessly pursuing simplification where they can - but the quest for simple has its limits. Many business and tech processes are unavoidably complex - so how can a firm like Gresham help mitigate the risk of complexity? That complexity is not just technological - it is also organisational, cultural and driven by the unique complexity of the financial services industry.

Neil will discuss root causes of complexity, their impact on firms' ability to change/be agile, and what tech firms can do to help.

“Replacing legacy means you need to be brave, bold. Don't copy something from a legacy system if you don't know what it is for - switch it off! If you have an agile platform you can quickly course-correct and implement just the controls you need”

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