Part 3: Collaborate to Innovate?

24.06.20 By Neil Vernon, Chief Technology Officer




Gert Raeves, Research director at Adox Research, continues his conversation with Neil Vernon, CTO at Gresham, to focus on collaboration and innovation. How can you partner with banks to deliver innovation, plus a walk through of some examples of Gresham´s innovation roadmap.


Part 3: The 3 Stages of Data Control 

How banks and vendors can work together to minimise risk and maximise opportunity


How can you get innovation right? What should banks look for in a vendor partner? How can you avoid the intoxicating buzz of new technology to find true innovation that solves the business needs of today?

Neil shares his advice and explores what tech is commoditised, what can move your business forward, and the partners banks need to help identify and deliver true innovation.

"Our aim to give people confidence in their data - and to do that they need to have confidence in us as a vendor - confidence that we can deal with complexity, with speed and with volume. That inspires the confidence that this platform can take on all enterprise wide data confidence challenges."

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