Maintain control while boosting productivity, accuracy and efficiency

A future-proof way to simplify and scale your reconciliation and data operations

For investment managers, maintaining a high level of accuracy and efficiency throughout the reconciliation process is crucial to controlling risk. However, many firms struggle to optimise their current systems and processes to keep up with growing volumes. System maintenance and precious time spent chasing files and minor exceptions can stretch teams thin.

Firms typically have limited choices to solve the problem: hire more staff, invest further in internal infrastructures and staff training, or outsource their operations entirely. All are expensive and potentially risky options and offer questionable long-term value.

We have a better solution: Gresham’s Managed Services for buy-side reconciliation (formerly Electra Managed Services), which effectively functions as an extension of your operations team to support crucial parts of your reconciliation processing and data aggregation.

We leverage our unparalleled depth and breadth of people, technology, and processes to help your firm establish a best-in-class experience and a flexible, cost-effective, and highly efficient environment maintained for you – without losing control of your own process.

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Decrease time-to-market and scale to growth while reducing risk. Putting you in control of your data, operations and growth.

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