Q&A: Why managed services matter more than ever

We recently caught up with Julian Trostinsky, Gresham’s Director, Global Support & Business Development, to discuss the omnipresent operational inefficiencies that continue to threaten financial institutions’ bottom line.

With more than 25 years of experience in leading technology strategy, global client service operations, and reconciliation projects for Duco, SmartStream, and global financial institutions, Julian shares his insights on why a plethora of firms are increasingly turning to managed services to help their operations teams alleviate the strain in the current market environment.

Article highlights include:

  • What key challenges do firms face today, causing them to take a closer look at their operations?
  • Why is data so hard to manage?
  • What are their choices in how to effectively acquire, manage and leverage the data they need to run their operations?
  • How about the people – what are the key challenges?
  • Where are firms falling short on their processes?
  • What should firms do to tackle these challenges?
  • How is Gresham helping financial services organisations to solve these problems?


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