Data integrity white paper: APAC edition

Regulators across APAC are scrutinising the data of banks and other financial institutions.

Enforcement is more stringent, scrutiny is more in-depth, and the pressure is on to ensure - and demonstrate - that your reporting is based on high-quality, accurate data.

However, this is far from straightforward. Data is stored across multiple repositories, making it easy to miss key elements, and different jurisdictions require different data fields, creating complexity which leads to duplication of efforts and unnecessary costs.

We've put together a special APAC edition of our data integrity white paper to explain:

  • Regulatory expectations around data integrity: What are the latest developments and what should you be preparing for now?

  • Tackling data silos and legacy technology challenges.

  • Overcoming practical barriers to enhance the integrity of your data.

  • Regulatory updates from MAS, HKMA, ASIC and more.

  • Case study: How a major bank addressed its data challenges to achieve accurate, timely and cost-efficient regulatory reporting.

Access the white paper below:

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