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Venture into the realm of institutional asset management and witness the transformative power of digital integration. This case study illuminates the journey of a premier U.S. institutional asset manager, unveiling how Gresham's Control Solutions shattered conventional barriers to enhance operational efficiency and mitigate risk. 

The Challenge: A Symphony of Complexity 

Imagine an institutional asset manager standing before an intricate orchestra of accounts, transactions, and positions. The manual reconciliation process, akin to conducting an intricate symphony, was fraught with inefficiencies and risks. The demand for real-time reporting had outgrown the traditional methods, casting a shadow on operational excellence. 

The Solution: A Harmonious Convergence of Technology and Strategy 

In this chapter of transformation, Gresham's Control Solutions emerge as a harmonious ensemble, orchestrating operational excellence through: 

  • Efficient Account Reconciliation: Gresham's solution unveils an efficient reconciliation method that offers timely reporting throughout the cycle. 
  • Digitized Reconciliation Process: Manual strains recede as the reconciliation process undergoes digitization, shrinking timelines, bolstering control, and unlocking reconcilers' productivity. 
  • Transparency and Visibility: Gresham's Control Solutions amplify reporting capabilities, enhancing transparency and offering advanced tracking features. A single dashboard unveils the reconciliation journey from account details to substantiating documents on exceptions. 

Results and Benefits 

Peek behind the curtain of transformation and observe the symphony of results that echo innovation: 

  • Accelerated Timelines: The reconciliation timeline shortens significantly through digitization, providing more time for resolving exceptions. 
  • Enhanced Reporting: Gresham's solution elevates reporting capabilities, offering a panoramic view of account details, balances, transactions, and positions, all within a single dashboard. 
  • Strengthened Operational Risk Management: Automated reconciliation fortifies operational risk management by ensuring daily application at various levels – account balance, position, and transaction. 
  • Efficiency Surge: The institution witnesses a surge in efficiency, accompanied by tightened controls and amplified productivity across the board. 

The institution's saga of transformation is propelled by Gresham's Control Solutions. Conventional manual processes fade as automation ascends, unveiling a realm where efficiency and risk mitigation coalesce. Gresham's harmonious technology symphony conducts a new era, where operational excellence reigns supreme. 


As the curtain falls on this case study, a resounding message emerges – innovation and technology unfurl uncharted horizons for the institutional asset management landscape. The institution's journey, guided by Gresham's Control Solutions, stands as a testament to the potential lying dormant within every operation. Manual constraints bow before the tide of automation, ushering in an era of streamlined processes, enhanced efficiency, and fortified risk management. 



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