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Enter the dynamic realm of commodity trading and logistics, where operational excellence is the heart of success. This case study unveils the journey of a prominent commodity trading and logistics house, entwined in a systems transformation. Embark on the story of how Gresham's Control Solutions emerged as a transformative force, catalyzing automation and agility in the middle office, and rewriting the script of efficiency and self-sufficiency. 

The Challenge: Navigating Transformation with Efficiency 

Our narrative commences within the corridors of a leading commodity trading and logistics house, where a systems transformation was underway. In this landscape of change, the need for automation was pronounced, particularly in the middle office. The trading house was grappling with manual reconciliations executed through spreadsheets, opening doors to operational errors and consuming valuable time. The firm's aspiration for self-sufficiency further accentuated the urgency for a flexible, agile solution that could embrace the shift towards a services/utility model. 

The Solution: Crafting Agility and Automation 

Amidst this challenge, Gresham's Control Solutions stepped into the spotlight, ushering in transformational shifts: 

  • Agile Onboarding: Control Solutions swiftly integrated into the trading house's operations through a fast and efficient onboarding process. What used to take 45 days was now accomplished in just a few days, reflecting the power of modernisation. 

  • Automated Middle-Office Reconciliations: Control Solutions automated the middle-office reconciliations, eradicating manual errors and minimizing operational risk. The middle office transformed into a realm of efficiency and precision. 

  • Path to Self-Sufficiency: Empowering the firm's journey towards self-sufficiency, Control Solutions provided a self-service solution that freed the teams from dependency on IT support. 

Results and Benefits 

Venture into the world of outcomes where Control Solutions became the catalyst for evolution, efficiency, and empowerment: 

  • Efficiency Redefined: The trading house liberated itself from spreadsheet-related risks, propelling efficiency and operational excellence. 

  • Quick Onboarding: The traditional 45-day onboarding timeline was condensed to a mere few days, signifying agility and adaptability. 

  • Agile Automation: Control Solutions seamlessly automated prime broker, clearing broker, and intersystem reconciliations, fostering a resilient middle-office environment. 


The journey of this commodity trading and logistics giant stands as a testimony to the transformative prowess of Gresham's Control Solutions. The narrative unfolds in a symphony of automation, agility, and self-sufficiency, embodying the essence of modernization. Through Control Solutions, the middle office transcended from a realm of manual labor and operational risk to one of efficiency and empowerment. The story is a resounding ode to the synergy of technology and operational excellence, a partnership that unshackled the trading house from legacy constraints and propelled it towards a future illuminated by efficiency and self-sufficiency. 



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