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Discover how Gresham’s Control and Data Services have revolutionized investment management for a Chicago-based firm entrusted with internal institutional insurance mandates. With a vision to streamline operations, enhance accuracy, and redirect resources to value-added endeavors, the firm embarked on a transformative journey, leveraging Gresham’s solutions. 

The Challenge: Elevating Efficiency and Accuracy  

The task at hand was daunting for the team overseeing portfolio analytics and management: manual reconciliation, reliant on error-prone spreadsheets, hindered efficiency and threatened data accuracy. Led by the Vice President of Securities Operations, the mission was to transition to a dedicated reconciliation software solution that would identify exceptions, optimise data acquisition, and free resources for strategic contributions. 

The Solution: Elevating Data Integrity  

A dynamic solution duo emerged – Gresham's Control for investment management and Data Services for data acquisition. Seamlessly integrating externally provided data from custodians, the firm automated reconciliation, empowered by customizable matching criteria. The integration with the PORTIA portfolio accounting system and central data warehouse cemented a comprehensive solution. 

Results and Benefits  

  • Automation and Integration: The group integrated data from 12 custodians, automating reconciliation and exception management. 

  • Sustainable Growth: Despite doubling in size, automation sustained growth through efficient reconciliation and automated data acquisition. 

  • Enhanced Focus: The team's daily data needs were met before arrival, freeing time for resolving exceptions. 

  • Exemplary Match Rate: Fine-tuned matching criteria achieved a daily match rate of nearly 99%. 

  • Comprehensive Supervision: A robust audit check and supervisory review process was implemented, fostering data accuracy and compliance.


Gresham’s solutions paved the way for enhanced confidence in numbers and data shared with the investment team. Beyond reconciliation, the firm harnessed Data Services for impactful cash management and projection. As the Vice President of Securities Operations emphasizes, this journey towards automation has not only elevated efficiency but also empowered analysts to focus on value-added work. Gresham's Control and Data Services are driving digital integrity, operational excellence and reshaping investment management paradigms. 


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