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In the dynamic realm of investment management, the accuracy and efficiency of fee billing processes are paramount. This case study delves into how a global equity boutique investment manager, based in Stamford, Connecticut, redefined its fee billing and invoicing workflows using Gresham’s Control Solution. By replacing cumbersome spreadsheets with streamlined automation, the firm achieved accuracy, efficiency, and enhanced client confidence.

The Challenge: Overcoming Spreadsheet Inefficiency and Data Integrity Concerns
  1. Complex Spreadsheet Process: The investment firm grappled with an intricate fee billing process run through a massive Excel spreadsheet. This convoluted procedure involved multiple tabs, formulas, and pivot tables, often requiring weeks for two to three staff members to prepare and send invoices.

  2. Data Integrity Worries: The manual process raised concerns about data integrity. The firm’s reluctance to modify the process further stifled innovation and efficiency.

  3. Client Experience: With over $6 billion in assets under management, the firm aimed to enhance its client experience by streamlining fee billing, improving revenue management, and ensuring accuracy.


The Solution: Implementing Gresham’s Control for Fee Billing

Seeking a solution to transform its fee billing processes, the investment manager turned to Gresham’s Control for fee billing. The solution addressed their challenges:

  1. Reliable and Intuitive Automation: Gresham’s Control proved to be a reliable and intuitive platform. The software automated the loading of client information, market values, cash flows, and performance returns, simplifying fee calculations and managing review and approval workflows.

  2. Enhanced Data Integrity: The platform instilled confidence by ensuring accuracy and data integrity throughout the fee billing lifecycle. Approval workflows, market values, fee calculations, and more were audited and checked, minimising risks.

  3. Efficiency and Client Servicing: Control increased invoicing speed and accuracy, facilitating personalised client servicing. It eliminated the need for multiple audit records across various systems, consolidating data integrity.


Results and Benefits
  1. Automated Efficiency and Accuracy: With Gresham’s Control, the firm achieved fully automated fee billing and invoicing, bolstered by four-eyes approval workflows. The streamlined process ensured accuracy and eliminated errors associated with manual methods.

  2. Efficient Invoicing and Data Integrity: Invoicing efficiency improved significantly, accompanied by enhanced data integrity. The solution’s automation reduced risks while increasing the speed and accuracy of invoicing and cash flows.

  3. Client Confidence and Satisfaction: The investment firm provided clients with a high level of service through accurate, secure, and automated fee billing. The platform’s out-of-the-box invoices were tailored to meet specific client requirements, ensuring consistency and flexibility.

  4. Time Allocation: Control’s lifecycle automation freed valuable time and effort that were previously spent on fee billing. This allowed the firm to dedicate resources to other projects, contributing to enhanced operational efficiency.



By embracing Gresham’s Control Solution for fee billing, the global investment manager transformed its operational landscape. The transition from manual spreadsheets to automated workflows eliminated inefficiencies and data integrity concerns. With Control’s support, the firm improved accuracy, streamlined invoicing processes, and instilled confidence in clients. The journey from intricate spreadsheets to efficient automation enabled the investment manager to allocate resources strategically, enhancing both client service and overall operational efficiency.

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