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In the intricate realm of financial institutions, operational efficiency, accuracy, and scalability are paramount. This case study unveils the journey of an alternative investment manager that embarked on a transformational path by adopting Gresham's Control solutions. Dive into how this decision not only tackled their legacy reconciliation challenges but also empowered them to explore new horizons with self-service controls.


The Challenge: Legacy System Struggles
  1. Resource Drain: The alternative investment manager grappled with a resource-intensive legacy reconciliation system. It became a bottleneck, demanding extensive IT support and draining valuable resources.

  2. Cost Accumulation: Frequent changes in file transfers between prime brokerages were driving up costs and complexity. The legacy system was not equipped to handle the evolving demands efficiently.

  3. Missed Opportunities: The limitations of the legacy system hindered the firm from pursuing new business opportunities. The lack of agility and scalability thwarted growth prospects.


The Solution: Gresham’s Control Solutions Empowerment

The alternative investment manager turned to Gresham's Control solutions for an innovative solution, resulting in transformative outcomes:

  1. Agile Self-Service Platform: Gresham’s Control solutions provided a versatile platform that allowed the operations team to work independently. This empowered them with self-service capabilities, reducing the dependency on IT support.

  2. Reduced Complexity: The implementation of Control solutions streamlined reconciliation processes, reducing the complexity associated with file transfers and facilitating faster and accurate reconciliations.

  3. Resource Optimization: By relieving the IT team from the burden of extensive reconciliation support, valuable technology resources were redirected towards strategic initiatives, enhancing overall organizational efficiency.


Benefits and Outcomes
  1. Scalable Agility: Gresham's Control solutions enabled rapid onboarding of new controls, enhancing operational agility. The alternative investment manager could swiftly adapt to changing business demands without hindrance.

  2. Efficiency Amplification: The adoption of self-service controls significantly reduced the demand on technical resources, translating to cost savings and improved efficiency.

  3. Seamless Transition: Gresham's team of control experts successfully migrated 30 reconciliations to Control for intersystems. The transition was smooth and efficient, minimizing disruption.

  4. Business Expansion: Liberated from the shackles of legacy constraints, the alternative investment manager could now explore new market opportunities with confidence, leveraging the agile and scalable Control solutions.



In the dynamic landscape of financial institutions, agility, accuracy, and operational efficiency are imperative. The alternative investment manager's journey is a testament to the transformative power of Gresham's Control solutions. By embracing a self-service approach, the firm not only conquered the challenges of legacy reconciliation systems but also unlocked the potential for growth and exploration. The adoption of Gresham's innovative solutions empowered them to navigate complexities and pursue new opportunities with renewed vigor.

Explore how Gresham’s Control solutions are reshaping the future of reconciliation processes. Contact us today to embark on a journey towards operational excellence and scalability in the realm of financial operations.


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