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Embark on a narrative of transformation as we delve into Chandler Asset Management's pursuit of operational excellence through the dynamic realm of Gresham's Control Solutions. Traverse the evolution of billing practices and witness how this San Diego-based fixed-income investment manager harnessed innovation to navigate the challenges of rapid growth. 

The Challenge: Beyond Limitations 

Discover the hurdles that Chandler Asset Management confronted in its quest for streamlined billing processes. Stifled by the constraints of outdated spreadsheets and an SQL data warehouse, the firm grappled with laborious cycles that hampered agility and expansion. 

The Solution: A New Dawn of Efficiency 

Unfold the saga of how Gresham's Control Solutions reshaped Chandler's billing landscape: 

  • Venturing into the Cloud: Chandler embraced a paradigm shift by adopting Control for client fee billing within a cutting-edge cloud-based SaaS environment, unleashing a new era of operational fluidity. 
  • Synthesis of Data: The intricate challenge of harmonizing fee data with downstream systems and custodian banks was conquered through ingenious data extracts, ushering in an era of meticulous quality control. 
  • Agile Scalability: Amidst remarkable growth, Control stood resolute, minimizing invoicing timelines and errors even as assets surged significantly. 

Results and Benefits 

Witness the profound transformation that unfolded as Chandler Asset Management joined forces with Gresham's Control Solutions: 

  • Pinnacle of Efficiency: Transcending from prolonged cycles to same-day precision, Control empowered Chandler to reimagine its billing cycle, accommodating soaring assets while upholding precision. 
  • Customized Precision: Control's adaptability to market dynamics and its ability to tailor billing to unique client requisites transformed billing into a dynamic, client-centric process.
  • Elevated Reliability: Enhanced audit trails ensured unwavering accuracy and validation, replacing the labyrinthine intricacies of spreadsheets with a seamless and dependable approach. 

As Nicole Dragoo, JD, IACCP, and President of Chandler Asset Management affirms, “Gresham provides the best support I have ever encountered… Gresham is always there for us.” This resounding endorsement underscores the invaluable partnership between Chandler Asset Management and Gresham's Control Solutions, validating the dedication and unwavering commitment to excellence. 


Chandler Asset Management's journey in partnership with Gresham's Control Solutions stands as a testament to innovation, scalability, and an unyielding pursuit of excellence. As Chandler navigated growth without compromising precision, their voyage echoes as an emblem of modern solutions shaping the evolving financial landscape. Embracing efficiency and accuracy as guiding stars, Chandler Asset Management embarks on a trajectory, poised to steer the future of billing with Gresham's unwavering support and unparalleled expertise lighting the way. Through this synergy, Chandler heralds a new era of billing, where technology paves the path to success.


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