Making the Most of the New Settlement Landscape

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Making the Most of the New Settlement Landscape

Venerable post-trade settlement operations for securities are undergoing much-needed change. Firms are striving to reduce failed trades and settlement frustrations by streamlining settlement cycles, gaining visibility into activities, and implementing cutting-edge automation. IT and operational advancements are enabling these changes, but they won't happen overnight...

Firms must reconsider data collection and normalization, transition to intraday processing, reevaluate reconciliation systems, and rethink budgeting and staffing strategies. This transformative period will pave the way for a new era in settlement.

This webinar will cover key areas of concern:

  • How are settlement workflows improving and how confirms leverage of these changes
  • What does T +1 mean to you?
  • How integral is T+1 push to settlements evolution? Would these changes have happened regardless of T+1?
  • How will greater visibility into settlements, improve workflows
  • How will the transition to accelerated settlement, impact, automation, stuffing, and budgeting decisions?
  • What role does reconciliation play in this new settlement landscape?
  • What are the first steps in overhauling legacy IT infrastructure is for settlement?


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