Solving the persistent operations talent challenge, one success at a time

Gresham Technologies (Gresham) recently commissioned Gert Raeves and the team at Adox Research to survey C-Suite executives with senior IT and data purchasing responsibility, to examine the technology project challenges and priorities of buy-side and sell-side executives from a range of firm types across the global financial services ecosystem. 

Part three of our survey revealed the importance of domain expertise to drive successful technology projects and how outsourcing certain functions to a trusted partner can help businesses scale without requiring additional hard-to-find, in-house talent.

Half the C-suite executives surveyed said that 35% of their tech project time is dependent upon domain experts, while 68.3% of sell-side executives cited finding the right domain experts as their top obstacle.

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Want to start at the beginning?

  • Read Part 1: Why domain expertise is more critical than ever to ensure tech project success
  • Read Part 2: Is outsourcing the answer to the domain expertise challenge?


To discover how Gresham is providing critical domain expertise to financial institutions across the globe to help them take control of their data, please contact us below.

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