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Earlier this year, WBR Research, in association with Gresham, surveyed 200 heads of investment operations and similar roles at buy-side firms across APAC, EMEA and North America to gain a greater understanding of the operations challenges they are facing.

Here are the highlights:
Controlling Cost and Risk while Improving Resource Utilisation

Our survey revealed that buy-side investment operations leaders are paying more attention to controlling the cost of operations as they face resource constraints and an increasingly challenging market environment. Digital transformation, automating and integrating processes, and optimising how internal talent spend their time are becoming top priorities. As a result, more operations leaders are considering outsourcing to help fill the gaps and add efficiencies.

Overcoming Data Complexities in Investment Operations

Data control and quality continue to challenge buy-side firms as volumes, complexity and disparity grow along with more sophisticated and global investment strategies driving the need to take in more unique data feeds among 90% of respondents.

Upgrading Reconciliation Processes and Workflows

While most firms automate their reconciliation processes and workflows, it appears that their reconciliation performance still needs improvement. The number-one reconciliation challenge was determining the root cause of fails – followed by extracting the right data points accurately and...

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