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Embark on a journey through the realm of global trading, where the clash between antiquated legacy technology and modern complexities is transformed into a narrative of innovation and operational excellence. This case study unveils the story of a global tier one investment bank, grappling with the inadequacies of its aging tech stack in a bustling trading environment. Discover how Gresham's Control Solutions emerged as the beacon of transformation, breathing new life into the bank's operations and redefining the trajectory of success. 

The Challenge: Breaking Point in a Modern World 

As we step into the realm of global trading, we find a challenge that resonates across financial institutions. The global investment bank, a behemoth in the trading world, was navigating the treacherous terrain of modern trading with an outdated and fragmented tech stack. The growing complexities of trading in the contemporary landscape demanded a robust and cohesive technology infrastructure. The bank's legacy systems, once the backbone of its operations, were now hindering growth and efficiency. 

The Solution: Modernisation that Ignites Progress 

At the heart of this narrative, Gresham's Control Solutions emerged as the architects of transformation, revolutionizing the investment bank's operations: 

  • Swift Implementation: Gresham's Control Solutions were embraced with fervor, culminating in a rapid implementation within a mere 8 weeks. The demanding, fast-paced environment of the bank was met head-on with efficiency and agility. 
  • Operational Excellence: The transformation was not just about technology but about enhancing operational efficiency. Control Solutions empowered the bank to perform 3000% more onboarding and achieve a staggering 100% match rate of reconciled data. 
  • Data Visibility: The bank's transition from legacy to leading-edge didn't just alleviate operational woes; it empowered the CIO and his team with real-time visibility into data, ensuring 100% reconciliation at all times. 

Results and Benefits 

Uncover the realm of outcomes that Gresham's Control Solutions orchestrated, where legacy limitations are surpassed, and operational excellence takes center stage: 

  • Breakthrough Onboarding: The bank's onboarding capacity catapulted from 30 a year to an astounding 80 a month, magnifying operational efficiency and growth. 

  • Precision in Reconciliation: The match rates improved across 600 reconciliation runs, restoring confidence in the bank's operations. 

  • Empowered Processing: Control Solutions fueled the processing of 200 million transactions daily across diverse asset classes, reflecting the bank's ability to stay agile in a rapidly evolving trading landscape. 


The bank's story, a masterpiece of reinvention, stands as a testament to Gresham's commitment to reshaping the trajectory of financial institutions. The transformational power of modernisation and operational excellence is on full display, signifying a new dawn where technology bridges the gap between aspirations and achievements. The bank's narrative is not just about technology; it's about ushering in an era where innovation harmoniously aligns with the demands of the trading world. With Gresham's Control Solutions as the catalyst, this journey from legacy to leading-edge becomes an ode to empowerment and strategic evolution. 



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