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Embark on a captivating narrative of innovation and transformation as we delve deep into the remarkable journey of a major European financial services firm. In this illuminating case study, we unveil the dynamic partnership between the firm and Gresham's Connect and Control Solutions, a collaboration that not only overcame challenges but revolutionized the launch of a cutting-edge digital neo-bank. 

The Challenge: Navigating Complexity Amidst Ambition 

Amidst the winds of change blowing through the financial landscape, the major European financial services firm faced a monumental challenge. Eager to create a digital neo-bank within its subsidiary, the firm envisioned a cloud-native future brimming with efficiency and innovation. However, as aspirations grew, so did the complexity of seamlessly integrating a multitude of systems and data sources. As the clock ticked towards a challenging go-live deadline, the firm found itself at a crossroads – how to bridge the gap between disparate components and ensure a seamless launch. 

The Solution: Building Pillars of Transformation 

Unveil the strategic solutions that paved the way for the digital neo-bank's success: 

  • Unified Connectivity: Gresham's Connect, a beacon of fully managed, intelligent connectivity, emerged as a cornerstone to bridge systems, partners, clients, and regulators seamlessly. 
  • End-to-End Automation: Control, the epitome of a single-source solution, brought forth the power of end-to-end automation, validation, reconciliation, and reporting, eliminating silos and fostering efficiency. 

Results and Benefits 

Witness the transformational outcomes that unfolded through the marriage of innovation and expertise: 

  • Efficient Cloud Adoption: The digital neo-bank harnessed cloud-native services, optimizing processes for unparalleled efficiency and agility. 
  • Critical Integration: Connect's prowess in multi-banking, payment processing, and reporting empowered the firm to surmount challenges of data handling and connectivity. 
  • Real-time Empowerment: Through Control's automated reconciliation, the firm fortified its ability to identify and address issues promptly, bolstering error prevention and detection. 
  • Operational Control: Connect and Control's real-time console emerged as a beacon of enhanced reporting, monitoring, and control, a crucial asset in the firm's pioneering journey. 

As the journey unfolded, the firm echoed the sentiment expressed by Nicole Dragoo, JD, IACCP, and President of Chandler Asset Management, stating that "Gresham provides the best support I have ever encountered... Gresham is always there for us." This resounding endorsement underpins the collaborative prowess that propels innovation. 


The alliance between the major European financial services firm and Gresham's Connect and Control Solutions stands as an embodiment of digital transformation's true potential. Through the unwavering commitment to seamless integration, real-time insights, and operational empowerment, the digital neo-bank venture not only thrived amidst complexity but also illuminated a pathway for the industry's future. As the firm forges ahead with its neo-bank initiative, the partnership resonates as a beacon of what can be achieved when expertise and innovation converge, steering the financial landscape into uncharted territories of success. 



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