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Step into the realm of digital financial innovation as Brink’s Solutions Nederland unveils how it took its cross-border payment services to new heights with Gresham’s Connect and Control solutions. Through a journey marked by the complexities of multinational operations, this case study is a testament to how Brink’s harnessed cutting-edge technology for operational excellence and innovation. 

The Challenge: Navigating the Multinational Maze 

Brink’s Solutions Nederland faced the crucial task of bolstering visibility into its cash payments and positions. However, the intricate web of their multinational operations introduced formidable challenges. In this intricate landscape, where architecture and complexity intertwined, the need for pioneering solutions emerged to ensure streamlined operations and optimal outcomes. 

The Solution: Empowering Cash-Centric Operations 

With Gresham’s Connect and Control solutions at the helm, Brink’s fortified its operations in transformative ways: 

  1. Unifying Capabilities: Gresham’s Control automated the crucial processes of reconciliation and validation, while Connect delivered intelligent connectivity, seamlessly integrating the financial ecosystem.

  2. Shared Service Solution: A groundbreaking Shared Service solution emerged, uniting multiple countries under the umbrella of Connect and Control, maximizing the synergy of their combined power. 

  3. Payment Visibility: The strategic integration of Connect with Control brought forth comprehensive oversight into payments and cash positions, enabling a holistic approach to financial management. 

Results and Benefits 

The impact of this partnership was profound, ushering in a new era of operational efficiency and growth: 

  1. Global Deployment: Gresham’s Connect and Control swept across 10 initial countries, a testament to their immediate value. The journey, however, is far from over, with plans to expand into 32 additional countries through the Shared Service solution. 
  2. Seamless Data Handling: The marriage of technology was manifest as XML, CSV, and SEPA feeds were adeptly managed within a unified solution, driving simplicity in complexity. 
  3. Efficiency Amplified: The amalgamation of Connect and Control led to faster onboarding, resolution of intricate issues, and empowered exception management – a trifecta that elevated business outcomes.


Brink’s embarks on a digital odyssey that redefines cross-border payment solutions. With Gresham’s Connect and Control solutions as guiding beacons, data integrity is fortified, connectivity is seamlessly woven, and efficiency is amplified. Brink’s is empowered to meet and exceed the burgeoning demand for pioneering cross-border payment solutions, not just in Europe but across borders, transcending limitations and opening new realms of financial innovation. 



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