Buy-side to prove data control: Interview; Ian Manocha | Gresham

Gresham CEO Ian Manocha recently joined Gert Raeves of Adox Research to talk about Gresham's acquisition of Electra Information Systems Inc. (Electra).

Watch the first part of Ian's interview to discover why Gresham has chosen to move into the buyside arena, how the acquisition helps Gresham develop a global, multi-segment, growth focused company, the plan for bringing together the strengths and capabilities of each firm and the vision for the future.


In part two, Ian and Gert discuss Gresham's vision for cross-industry growth, its new, combined value proposition for the buy-side, and the 'hidden gems' that the company plans to leverage as part of its growth plan. To watch, click here.

Gresham is working with the world's leading financial institutions to help them take control of their data with real-time solutions for data integrity and control, banking integration, payments and cash management.

To discover how we can empower your organisation to connect and control your data across the enterprise, contact us below.

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