The Talent Crisis Is Real & A.I. is No Silver Bullet: Q&A

In this Q&A with FTF News, Julian Trostinsky, global director of customer success at Gresham Technologies, says that, among other things, the Ops talent crisis is no exaggeration and A.I. for recs needs human oversight

This discussion covers key post-trade challenges that operations teams at financial services firms are grappling with — new asset classes, new regulations, and data quality controls — all while trying to attract and retain new Ops talent. A provider of real-time processes, procedures, and reconciliation capabilities, Gresham hired Trostinsky in 2021 to be a key player in building its consulting practice, managed services, delivery and support capabilities.

Download the full two-part interview here:

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This discussion originally appeared online as a two-part Q&A on, January 2023


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