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August 20, 2018, LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM. Inforalgo, the leading provider of data connectivity technology to the Capital Markets and Investment Banking industry, announced today that it had expanded its long-standing relationship with a global tier 1 capital markets investment bank to include complex data integration requirements.

The new data integration services now include the mandatory encryption of Bloomberg FIX feed and reporting obligations for the recent FINRA Trade Reporting and Compliance Engine (TRACE) trade modifiers. In addition, there are new integrations with Axe Trading and a custom project for their internal Certificates of Deposit order management systems; all designed to assist the bank in achieving its goals of cost-efficiencies and timely, accurate regulatory reporting.

The capital markets bank offers a range of investment services including asset management, treasury services, depositary receipts, wealth management, fixed income management and corporate trust services. As one of the world’s largest investment managers, outsourcing its data integration requirements to Inforalgo allows it to concentrate on its core business of helping clients manage their risk, capital and liquidity needs.

Inforalgo specialises in providing outsourced data integration and harmonisation services, and its long-tenured team has extensive expertise with the Bloomberg platform and complex data integration requirements. Its solution ensures an optimised data flow of pre and post-trade data, which many financial institutions find challenging to manage with internal resources.

A spokesman for the bank commented: “In all my time working with many vendors, we consider Inforalgo to be at the very top. One of the major strengths of the partnership is the financial and business expertise Inforalgo brings to the table. The tailored development opportunities and excellent customer support mean that the solutions can be precisely customised to meet our requirements.”

Inforalgo CEO, Jordan Ambrose, commented: “We’re delighted to extend our services with this leading investment bank. We look forward to continuing a long and successful business partnership as we address even more complex data integration challenges.”

About Inforalgo
Founded in 1990, Inforalgo is a trusted partner to 80 leading institutions in Capital Markets and Investment Banking by providing STP and outsourced data management solutions to optimise data flow efficiency for multiple pre and post-trade use cases. Please visit for more information.

Simon Dutta, Marketing Director, Inforalgo Information Technology Ltd
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