To manage cash is to manage your business.


Whether you’re a corporate treasury, a bank treasury, a transaction bank or a non-banking financial institution (NBFI), effective cash management solutions give you optimum day-to-day liquidity, enable accurate forecasting and optimise your working capital.

But getting a single view of your activity and your total cash and liquidity position across all geographies, entities, and currencies is harder than it should be. Transactions, deposits, and FX positions are rarely in the same system, even if they are held at the same institution. These siloes present a major barrier to even the simplest of data requests.

With millions of daily entries, unintuitive reference fields, and missing and duplicated data, even your most up-to-date statements offer limited insight that reduces your overall control and deprives you of the ability to obtain value from your data.

Wherever you sit in today's multi-provider ecosystem, you need cash management solutions which offer connectivity to all parties and all systems so you can view, manage, and optimise your cash and other assets. 

At Gresham, we understand that legacy systems were not built with this ecosystem in mind. These cash management solutions don’t connect to the data sources you need, and they cannot provide swift, accurate and complete information. So we designed our Clareti platform to give treasurers, banks and NBFIs a single, sophisticated, and secure solution which makes this information visible – and manageable.  

What We Deliver

Efficiency and accuracy

Providing the connectivity to onboard new data sources, new providers, or new customers, regardless of data format, standards, and in-country clearing capabilities, simplifying complexity and making processes more efficient.

Complexity simplified

Handling complex business processes, such as cross-border payments, supply-chain finance, and automated cash-pooling and sweeping, across different accounts and different banks to eliminate messy manual workarounds and separate portals.


Continually innovating to develop services to manage client monies and create in-house bank deposits that are not connected to any single bank account provider.

Increased collaboration

Building the foundation for collaborative services between banks, corporate customers and other third-party providers to drive developments in product innovation, customer service, and regulatory control.

Real time visibility

Giving treasurers visibility over all positions with all intermediaries so they can update intra-day positions in real time, accurately forecast the day's closing balance, and more effectively manage their assets.


the number of years we have been working across the cash management and payments ecosystem, with banks, wealth managers, and corporates


seconds taken by Clareti Payments Services to convert and validate 250,000 client transactions


Clareti customers at banks, buyside and capital markets firms, and multinational corporations across the globe