The move to digital has a profound impact on the way a business is run.

The customer-centric world-view, demanding regulatory reporting requirements, the arrival of new competitors – all increase your dependence on highly regulated financial data.

At the same time, a relentless increase in data complexity, volume, and velocity exposes legacy systems and reconciliation software designed for another era. These solutions are overwhelmed by the demand for real-time responsiveness. The risk of a loss event, service failure – and reputational damage – grows daily.

In financial institutions, corporate treasuries and capital markets around the world, common data and reconciliation challenges require an innovative, intelligent and scalable solution that can identify, resolve and prevent future problems and move the business forward.

Solutions We Offer

Fixing these data integrity problems is one of the biggest challenges in the world’s financial markets. So we developed our technology to deliver data confidence in core areas of your business.


Simplify the complexity in reconciliations with end to end automation, intelligent matching capabilities, and accelerated onboarding.


Deliver accurate, on time reports with connectivity to multiple trading and reporting venues, real time matching, and consolidation across multiple regulatory regimes.

Cash Management & Payments

Get easy, fast visibility of your payments activity with data agnostic connectivity solutions and real time visibility of intraday positions.

What We Deliver


A demanding environment means that scarce resources need to be deployed to where they can most add value. Allocating head count to manual processes means missing out on other opportunities. Automation of tasks, reduction of errors, and simplification of complex tasks and workflows all help to optimise your productivity.


With data volumes soaring, the time for manual processes, hacks, and shortcuts has passed. This isn’t just about efficiency - it's about operational resilience. Manual processes are subject to human error and as your operating environment grows more complex, the likelihood of this increases. One inattentive moment or spreadsheet slip and whole processes and structures can come crashing down.


Regulatory expectations are higher than ever, the consequences of failure harsher, and personal accountability very much on the minds of senior managers. There are more regulatory reporting requirements to meet and they are more complex, putting pressure on your data and controls. You need to know that the data you are handing over to the regulators is 100% accurate.


When you’re navigating a complex business environment, every second counts. Real-time reconciliation, reporting and responsiveness is a must. You need to be able to make confident decisions based on timely and accurate data, as well as quickly onboard new controls as needed, without complex processes slowing you down.


How can you manage what you can’t see? When data is scattered across your organisation in multiple respositories or formats, it’s impossible to truly understand where your risks and opportunities lie. Trying to tackle the problem in the dark consumes excessive resources and leaves you dangerously exposed to a loss event.


Data driven businesses don’t function if the data they are built on is unsound. In today’s complex, interconnected environment, one simple error can have far reaching and severe consequences, causing lasting damage and being time consuming and expensive to repair. When data determines your relationships with customers, regulators, and other key stakeholders, you need 100% certainty.


You operate in a web of complex ecosystems with high degrees of interconnectivity. Simple, seamless connectivity is vital, whether this is to customers, regulatory reporting venues, or third parties. New connections need to be added in days and hours, not months.


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Clareti customers at banks, buyside and capital markets firms, and multinational corporations across the globe


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