Connect for payments

Eliminate the complexity and pain of statements and payments

Statements and payments are basic tools of the financial trade. Why is it then that knowing what your cash and asset positions are is so hard?

More financial institutions are modernising their systems to offer banking-as-a-service solutions, currency exchange, sanction checks, PSD2 compliant payment platforms, and others. Although APIs exist, the ability to convert, validate, enrich and authorise information and functionalities between them is highly complex.

Whether you are a multinational corporation grappling with multiple banking relationships and systems, or a bank wanting to accept and work with your clients’ cash and payments data, we remove the needless complexity and frustration from statements and payments, allowing you to focus on value-adding tasks that go beyond the basics.

Go beyond the basics of payments, statements, and cash management


Connect for payments is a complete managed service for message transformation, multi-banking, cash, and payments. Effortlessly simplifying the multitude of connectivity and message formats you have to navigate, it takes the pressure off your IT teams, reduces cost and resource deployment, and enables powerful automation in cash management and payments.

Providing all the necessary integration to interact with external systems, we monitor message flow and disparate functions for blocked instructions, and standardise and deliver alerts to appropriate recipients.

With years of experience implementing interfaces for banks of all sizes across the globe, we bring specialist, domain specific knowledge of the most granular details, advising on additional local requirements and specialist needs.

This also means that we work in weeks, not months, and collaborate with you to give you the connectivity you need, when and where you need it.


Client transactions converted and validated in just 93 seconds


Ready-to-go bank connectors


Customers in 20 countries across the globe

With Connect for payments, you can

Reduce cost and complexity

Our out-of-the-box banking interfaces simplify payments, while our fully managed service alleviates resource deployment and pressure on your internal IT teams.

Increase transparency

Instruction controls, bank status reports, and intraday/end-of-day statements on positions and transactions, give you full visibility of your payments.

Choose what's right for your business

Available as standalone domain-specific deployments, or as part of our applications packages that enable you to connect, reconcile and control your data end to end, or as a fully managed service.

“Our recent success and go-live with Control and the prompt yet comprehensive proof-of-concept (PoC) meant the decision to expand our use to include Connect was easy.”
Marcel Leeflang, Head of Operations Payments, Brink's Solutions Nederland
“Connect for payments provided the efficiencies we were looking for, giving us a one-stop-shop cash management tool and automation with multiple banks, the hands-on support from their specialist team brought invaluable expertise and experience to make the project a true success. We look forward to automating additional processes across the platform going forward.”
Head of Treasury and Tax, easyJet

Connect for payments delivers

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Connect for payments

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Discover how Brink's is enhancing digital, cross-border payments service with Connect and Control

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Reduce the strain on your people, processes and technology infrastructures

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