Control for investment management

(Formerly Electra Reconciliation)

Efficiently reconcile positions, transactions, cash and more while controlling risk


Investment managers often undertake unnecessary operational risks and overhead costs throughout the reconciliation process due to outdated or inefficient workflows, erroneous or incomplete data, manual and redundant effort, and delayed exception resolution. The problem further intensifies as complexity and trading volumes increase, leaving firms burdened with overwhelmed staff and an inability to scale the business while managing investor and front-office demands.

Control for investment management helps buy-side firms and service providers reduce risk and gain operational efficiencies across reconciliation, exception management, and the entire post-trade process.

Designed specifically for the buy-side asset management industry, Control provides an extensive data catalogue, intelligent fuzzy matching, and patented, intelligent workflow and integration to give investment managers exceptional power to identify potential fails, resolve exceptions, and alleviate your team’s workload so you can focus more time and resources on value-added activities.

Improve efficiency, accuracy and transparency across your reconciliation and post-trade ecosystem 

Control addresses the problem of siloed investigations by intelligently integrating relevant data across departments; from the core reconciliation team to accounting, finance, corporate actions, collateral, settlements, securities lending and treasury/cash management. It provides the transparency, speed and collaboration the middle and back-offices need to quickly prepare for and adapt to expansions or shifts in front-office trading and investment strategies, asset classes, counterparties, trading volumes, and the ever-changing regulatory landscape.

Eliminate settlement risk and errors by connecting investment managers, custodians, prime brokers, clients and other participants, and consolidating all post-trade processing on a single platform.

Our solution provides seamless custodian trade and client notifications, confirms/affirms and settlement instructions, and a centralised wire processing dashboard to reduce risk and potential fraud by automating wire instructions for any and all purposes, regardless of currency. We can further streamline your post-trade processes by connecting with multiple matching platforms, accounting and order management systems.


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With Control for investment management, you can

Expedite exception management

Integrate positions, transactions and cash processing with collateral and margin, failed trades, securities lending, pending trades, and corporate actions – within one workflow.

Reduce settlement risk

Gain efficiencies and scale by automating custodian trade and client notifications, confirmations, affirmations, and settlement instructions.

Accelerate investigations

Increase collaboration and scale throughout and beyond the entire transaction lifecycle while improving transparency across operations functions.

Increase efficiencies

Take a holistic approach to reducing risk by managing multiple types of reconciliations on one platform: system to system, P&L, collateral, security master, pricing and others.

Enhance speed and accuracy

Quickly and seamlessly compare large volumes of data and multiple, unique data sets within the same view.

Minimise operational risk

Resolve exceptions quickly by allowing only true reconciliation updates to enter the workflow while safeguarding audit trails and record keeping.

“We were able to leverage Gresham’s Control to create an efficient account reconciliation method which produces timely reporting throughout the cycle. Additionally, the digitisation of the reconciliation process has significantly shortened our reconciliation timeline, tightened controls, and increased the productivity of reconcilers by allowing more time for exception resolution.”
Tammy L. Johnson, Head of Investment Operations & Partner, Globeflex Capital L.P.
“Through their collective knowledge of post-trade processing and working with so many custodians and other data suppliers in the industry, Gresham is clearly the expert when it comes to data and reconciliation workflows. Their understanding of our process, all the custodians we work with, and the data each provides, is a key advantage for us.”
Andrew Wiechert, Operations Manager, WCM Investment Management

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