Infographic: delivering the goals of strategic cost transformation

4 June 2019

These are real world benefits that can be delivered through advanced data control technology – the Clareti Platform.

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PSD2: Regulatory Revolution for Payments, or Impending Tech Mess?

21 May 2019

Earlier this year, the next big marker in the life of the second Payment Services Directive (PSD2) arrived, as participants in the European regulation’s new API-based ecosystem submitted solutions...

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Tackling Fast, Hyper-Connected Data Head On

16 May 2019

As the speed, volume and complexity of data and regulation increases, how can financial service firms effectively keep up pace and remain competitive – all whilst mitigating rising costs across...

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How Binge-Worthy is your Data?

12 April 2019

One of the main tenets of digitalisation initiatives in financial services is to become more familiar with client preferences. Using client behavior data and feedback to be more predictive about...

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Did the Compliance ‘Golden Age’ Miss the Mark? Survey Says...

10 March 2019

Like the years before it, 2019 is sure to have its share of fintech industry research. Having recently commissioned surveys of our own at Gresham, we often find that these work best when they...

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