Data Lessons From the Shutdown Blues

5 March 2019

One of the lesser-reported consequences of the recent US government partial shutdown was its effect upon the reporting of key economic and financial markets data. Many regulatory agencies closed...

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Innovation about to Overtake Regulation - Fuelled by Regulation

22 January 2019

For several years, the narrative in financial technology has essentially argued, “The post-crisis period and its focus on heavy regulation is over. Enter Innovation.” That narrative was born...

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Wrangling FRTB: A Year in (Trading Book) Review

10 January 2019

2018 was a year when certain jumbo-sized, data-heavy regulatory regimes finally smoothed out and settled down. Among the few that haven’t, the Basel Committee-driven Fundamental Review of the...

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A Worthy Resolution: Addressing the Scourge of Business Managed Applications

21 December 2018

They go by many names—business-managed applications (BMAs), user-developed controls, among others. Their labels are as bespoke as the tasks they do. But it’s what they share in common that makes...

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‘Open’ for Business: New Banking Models Demand Data Strength

3 December 2018

While the premise of “Bank as API” has been around for a while, it’s fair to say that adoption of this concept grew considerably in 2018. Banks’ senior tech leaders have noted throughout this year...

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