Control your transactions and you control your operations.

But that's impossible with legacy systems and reconciliation tools built to handle yesterday's volumes and message formats. Designed for fixed data models with limited attributes, they cannot connect, reconcile, or control today’s complex data flows. Manual workarounds spring up and onboarding new controls consumes valuable resources and time. Preventable errors put your business at risk of service failure, financial loss, and reputational damage.

Case study: 97% reduction in onboarding time

Clareti transaction control is a reconciliation and controls tool which can ingest, validate and transform data of any shape or size, regardless of width or complexity, in a single solution. One of the most technically advanced data control systems available, Clareti transaction control is both data and format agnostic, brings powerful inter system reconciliation capabilities, and handles the data attributes that matter most to you.

With Clareti transaction control, you can control transactions, offer unrivalled visibility into your operations, and intelligently apply AI and heuristics to improve performance across your entire business, whether it's trading desks, payments, transaction reporting or finance. In addition, embedded analytics empowers your people to make informed, data-driven decisions for even greater business success.

With Clareti transaction control, you can

Reconcile quickly and accurately

An advanced rules engine and some of the fastest, most accurate matching in the industry improves your straight through processing for increased efficiency.

Empower business users

Self-service wizards accelerate the launch of new controls by up to 97%.

Build powerful systems, fast

Multiway reconciliations and a holistic view of all controls can be built quickly and easily in a single solution, with rapid workflow and exception management tools for resolving issues.

Stay in control

Stringent data quality and governance standards with ultimate data visibility and clear audit trails mean you have the tightest control over your activity – and can prove it to regulators.

Scale effortlessly

Reconciliations built to grow with you, ensuring that control processes do not hold you back or cost you opportunities.

Build controls quickly

Create and deploy new controls within days to ensure tight oversight of your data and meet complex, frequently changing regulatory requirements.

Get value from your regulatory reporting

View all data and controls in one place, and easily create interactive visualisations, dashboards and reports for greater insight and business value, taking reporting from check box exercise to strategic value add.

Save time, resources, and costs

Build faster, automate more, and minimise infrastructure consumption whilst still meeting regulatory requirements effectively.

Clareti transaction control delivers

Easy, flexible reconciliation wherever you need it

We can reconcile any data, in any format, across any area of your business. For example, a tier one retail bank recently selected Clareti transaction control to tackle reconciliation challenges in FASTER payments – we resolved in two days a challenge their team had been grappling with for months and were unable to address.

Increased efficiency, reduced costs, and minimised risk

One of the world’s largest global banks used Clareti transaction control to onboard more controls with fewer resources, deliver operational savings of £3 million, and eliminate the risks associated with legacy systems.

A solution to legacy problems

A global alternative asset manager chose Clareti transaction control to replace its legacy product, which could not cope with complex controls. Deployed in just 8 days, Clareti transaction control reduced manual tasks and risks and enabled the fast creation of non-standard controls.

Better match rates, delivered faster

A tier one bank is currently running Clareti transaction control reconciliations in an average of 7-10 minutes, compared with 10+ hours for their legacy product

Simplicity in the face of complexity

We work with the world’s largest tier one banks, as well as multinational corporates, buyside, sellside, commodity and retail firms, replacing their inefficient and risky legacy systems with fast, simple compliance and controls in an increasingly complex regulatory and operational environment.


the reduction in implementation fees at firms using Clareti to create new controls


the industry average number of days taken to build a new reconciliation - reduced to minutes and hours with Clareti transaction control


reduction in daily break count at a tier one bank which switched from a legacy solution to Clareti transaction control