Control for intersystems

Data control and reconciliation solutions for the most complex data challenges

Control your transactions and optimise your operations

Legacy systems and reconciliation solutions built to handle yesterday's volumes and message formats struggle to keep up. Designed for fixed data models with limited attributes, they cannot connect, reconcile, or control today’s complex data flows. Manual workarounds spring up and onboarding new controls consumes valuable resources and time. Preventable errors put your business at risk of service failure, financial loss, and reputational damage.

Used by the world’s largest tier one banks as well as multinational corporates, buy-side, sell-side, commodity, and retail firms, Control for intersystems is a reconciliation and control tool that ingests, validates and transforms data of any shape, size or volume at scale, in a single solution. No matter how complex your controls, you can build and manage them all in one place to increase efficiency, optimise resources, and minimise risk.

Solve complex reconciliation challenges at scale

Both data and format agnostic, Control is acknowledged by the industry as one of the most technically advanced data control systems available, bringing powerful intersystem reconciliation capabilities with the ability to handle all the data attributes that matter most to you.

Control transactions, offer unrivalled visibility into your operations, and intelligently apply AI and heuristics to improve performance across your entire business - from trading desks and payments, to transaction reporting and finance.

In addition, embedded analytics empowers your people to make informed, data-driven decisions for even greater business success.


Increase in control onboarding capacity at a global bank


Transactions processed per day at a tier one corporate and investment bank


Time savings to onboard new transaction controls at a leading global clearer

With Control for intersystems you can

Reconcile quickly and accurately

Leverage our advanced rules engine and some of the fastest, most accurate matching in the industry to improve your straight-through-processing and increase efficiency.

Stay in control

Maintain the tightest control over your activity – and prove it to regulators – through stringent data quality and governance standards with ultimate data visibility and clear audit trails.

Build powerful systems, fast

Quickly and easily build multi-way reconciliations and a holistic view of controls in a single solution, with rapid workflow and exception management tools for resolving issues.

Build controls quickly

Create and deploy new controls within days to ensure tight oversight of your data while meeting complex, frequently changing regulatory requirements.

Empower business users

Accelerate the launch of new controls by up to 97% with our self-service wizards.

Scale effortlessly

Ensure your reconciliations grow with you, and that control processes do not hold back your progress or cost you opportunities.

Get value for your regulatory reporting

View all data and controls in one place, and easily create interactive visualisations, dashboards and reports for greater insight and strategic business value.

Save time, resources and costs

Build faster, automate more, and minimise infrastructure consumption while still meeting regulatory requirements effectively.

“Gresham’s Control for intersystems demonstrates robust functionality and a versatile approach – agile configuration and support for high volumes, all underpinned by strong security measures. We will be able to verify the accuracy of the figures in a client’s general ledger much faster so we can focus on the value-add analysis we bring.”

Matt Bishop, Audit Chief Technology Officer, KPMG

“Of the potential partners we considered to help us transform our control framework, Gresham’s Control for intersystems was the product which gave us the greatest flexibility in terms of data sources. This meant that we did not have to rebuild or reconfigure our core infrastructure, but were still able to leverage technology which allowed us to build controls on a scale and complexity which we were previously unable to consider.”

Richard Draper, Head of Control – Payments, Corporate and Business Banking, Santander UK

Control for intersystems delivers

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