NAVigating Reporting and validation in turbulent times

NAV reporting has long been an important part of any daily, weekly or monthly function. However the volatility of markets during the past few months has seen firms struggling to keep up with the demands of creating timely and accurate NAV reports and calculations. With the level of uncertainty the world is grappling with, the volatility we saw back in March could rear its head again at any moment. Firms that have not deployed highly automated and robust process around their NAV reporting are at risk of not being able to cope with the spike in volumes and any associated complexity.

Moreover, with much of the industry still working from home, operational risk is at an all time high. Organisations should be looking at greater automation to address this instead of relying on manual processes, which creak under pressure and are subject to human error. This combination weakens the integrity of the data – bringing inconsistencies, inaccuracies and, a problem that could lose firms money.

It is vital for NAV reporting – or indeed any reports – that the data underpinning them is trusted and available. This also frees up time for teams to focus on more complex and unexpected issues that may arise.

How can Gresham help?

Well, first and foremost we will not be producing the NAV reports for you!

However, we can assist with the automation of many laborious and time-consuming tasks that are currently being performed by valuable staff and apply a level of consistency to the process, thereby guaranteeing the integrity of the data underlying your NAV calculations. We do this by:

  • Utilising an industry proven solution that can leverage both high volume processing capabilities plus smart AI enabled technology to automate the collection, transformation and translation of data so that the validation of trades can be performed with minimal manual intervention. As a result reporting, including NAV reports, can be more timely, less costly to produce and far richer in detail with the ability to drill down into underlying trading activity from the position level.
  • Maintaining an infrastructure that lacks the sophistication to service the business effectively and is built upon flawed business practices makes no sense? Subscribing to a SaaS model whereby that burden is placed on someone else’s shoulders releases valuable resources to perform more revenue driven activities and also ensures that the environment has constant and regular oversight ensuring optimal performance at all times
  • Daily process improvement rarely occurs with a manually intensive process, as many of those struggling with manual NAV reporting and calculations are now discovering. Using smart technology to manage your data validation and integrity drives constant process improvement as any manual matching actions can be captured and transformed into a future automated cycle.
  • Using a tool with nimble, rapid onboarding capabilities means you are largely insulated from disruptive changes that can occur to your data consolidation efforts when external (or internal) data feeds change and result in false negative results being given.
  • We can provide the opportunity to deliver dashboard reporting capabilities across your organisation allowing for a detailed analysis of the NAV at multiple data points throughout the transactional lifecycle

At Gresham we are experts at dealing with troublesome data, ensuring that our customers can remain data confident at all times and allowing you to concentrate on higher value tasks. To base your NAV calculations - and other reports - on high quality, reliable data, and reduce manual processes, speak to our team today.

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