Control for fee billing

(Formerly Electra Billing)

Bring accuracy, speed and reduced risk to your fee billing operations


Investment managers often struggle with operational, audit and reputational risks inherent in error-prone and costly client fee billing processes. Many firms manage fee billing in spreadsheets or platforms that fall short on automation, integration and flexibility. As the complexity of portfolios increases, these outdated processes can have a negative impact on a firm’s bottom line, especially if inaccuracies result in fines, reputational damage and/or lost revenue.

As a controller, CFO, operations, compliance or billing manager, you know how imperative it is to efficiently and accurately manage revenue and cash flows securely, intuitively and dynamically to support business growth on a global scale.


Streamline buy-side client fee billing calculations, invoicing and workflows

Control for fee billing is an integrated, workflow-based client fee billing and revenue management solution that improves investment managers’ invoice and cash flow speed and accuracy while reducing risk.  It eliminates the need to keep audit records in multiple systems, and increases efficiencies by streamlining review, audit and approval processes into one workflow while enabling your firm to stay current with its own policies and procedures.

Managing hundreds of thousands of accounts for buy-side investment firms around the world, Control supports multi-currency post-trade operations in any region or country.


Time savings compared to spreadsheet based solution


Years calculating investment management fees


AUM on average fees calculated

With Control for fee billing, you can

Simplify complexity

Easily manage complex fee schedules, performance fees, billing, and effective-date processing, complete with historical fee data and custodian-audited market values.

Strengthen client relationships

Customise client communications, reporting and invoicing dynamically at the account level, while supporting special payment instructions and calculation reporting requests.

Forecast accurately

Easily obtain fee estimates or projected fees for sales and executive forecasting.

Stay compliant

Easily meet Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX), policy and procedure, and internal/external audit requirements.

Increase efficiencies

Save time and resources by integrating billing processes with portfolio accounting systems, accounts receivable, data aggregators, and custodians.

“Control for fee billing provides exactly what we were seeking in terms of workflow checkpoints. Using market values from our portfolio accounting system, the solution provides checks, audits and alerts throughout the billing workflow, which significantly improves efficiencies while reducing risk.”
Craig Rosenblum, Director, Finance, Hardman Johnston Global Advisors LLC

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Control for fee billing

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