Working at Gresham

We seek to develop high impact software so there needs to be a wow factor!

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We seek excellence in everything we do and we create a culture to foster and support this excellence

  • We are growing faster than the competition and we aim to dominate the markets we operate in
  • Customers and colleagues must feel that working with Gresham is awesome
  • We deliver a high quality customer centric experience that delights
  • We seek to hire and develop brilliant people
  • Our products, processes and services will be the best in the industry
  • Our office environment is flexible, open plan, collaborative and fun
  • Our organisation is flat and this lack of structure empowers people to be agile and flexible
  • We work on a range of cutting edge technologies and methodologies
  • We share a passion for new technology and are inspired to explore new concepts and ideas

We encourage our people to network and we regularly host meetings and tech meet ups – our fridge is always well stocked!