Gresham remains a market leader in the provision of OpenVME and Transaction Processing (TP) software solutions and support to established and often proprietary technology platforms, such as Fujitsu VME.

Our software is used by most of the world’s largest users of the VME platform, including the UK government, and in many cases has been running for periods in excess of thirty years.

VME (Virtual Machine Environment) is Fujitsu’s flagship mainframe operating system, originally developed in the mid 1970’s. The current superNOVA solution enables VME to run in industry-standard Windows or Linux environments. Gresham’s OpenVME software increases efficiency and effectiveness in the VME environment, with DB/Fastdump and Altadata being our two most prominent and acclaimed products. Our integration software, DataServe, provides a robust link between VME and other open systems.

Transaction Processing (TP)

Gresham is a leading provider of Transaction Processing software for a number of established platforms, addressing needs in the XA (the Open Group XA standard), OLTP (On Line Transaction Processing) and TP Monitoring markets.