(Re)building your business resilience

26 May 2020

ACT International Treasury Week – 11th-14th May 2020
Day Four: 14th May 2020

Listen to The AA, Gresham and Sage talking about the function of Treasury in a post Covid-19 world – from talent to tech…

Facilitator - Peter Matza, Speakers' Chair, ACT,
Speakers - Agnes Favillier, President, ACT & Treasury Director, Sage
Bill Wrest, Senior Strategist, Gresham Technologies
Katherine Horrell, Group Treasurer, The AA plc.

  • How has the Covid-19 crisis changed the way treasurers work?
  • Will the economic slow-down actually speed-up the much lauded technological revolution within the treasury function – and how do you prioritise?
  • Connectivity, pre lockdown it was functional, post lockdown, how good is it?
  • Financial, technical, operational and strategic - how resilient is your treasury?
  • Reactive or proactive treasury - digital “push” towards real-time data in unprecedented times